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ABI/INFORM (some full-text; 1980 to present)
Articles from magazines and journals on accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, and data processing.

ACS (American Chemical Society) Publications (full text; 1879 to present)
Articles covering chemistry and related fields.

Academic Search Complete (some full-text; dates vary, mostly 1980s to present)
Articles from selected popular magazines and scholarly journals in all disciplines.

AGRICOLA (citations; dates vary)
This catalog of the National Agriculture Library includes citations to journal and book literature in agriculture, farming and related fields.

Alt HealthWatch (some full text; 1984 to present)
Covers complementary, alternative, and holistic medicine; includes scholarly and popular journals, pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research and book excerpts.

American History In Video
Hundreds of hours of historical film footage compiled from commercial and governmental newsreels, archival footage, public affairs footage, and important documentaries on American history.

America's News (full-text; dates vary, mostly 1980s to present)
Full-text newspapers from around the U.S., including the Richmond Times-Dispatch and many other local and regional newspapers in Virginia.

Anthropological Index Online (1950s to present, citations)

AnthroSource (full text; 1888 to present)
Articles from the journals, bulletins, and newsletters published by the American Anthropological Assocation, covering anthropology, ethnology, and related fields.

ARTstor (images)
An international digital library of approximately 550,000 images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences contributed by museums, individual photographers, scholars, special collections at libraries, and photo archives. In addition to images of  paintings, drawings, sculpture, and the decorative arts, the collection includes cultural and religious objects, cartoons, fashion and costume illustrations, covers from printed music, pages from illuminated manuscripts and early printed books, natural history illustrations, early anatomical and medical drawings, and many other types of images.

Associates Programs Source (some full-text; dates vary, mostly 1980s to present)
Focuses on sources for community college and vocational education programs of study.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (some full text; 1908 to present with some older citations)
Index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion; includes full text from over 150 journals.

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Bibliography of Asian Studies (citations; 1971-present)
An index to Western-language publications including periodical articles, books and book chapters, conference proceedings, anthologies, etc., covering East, Southeast, and South Asia.

Bibliography of Slavery and World Slaving (citations, 1900-present)
Index to "approximately 25,000 scholarly works in all academic disciplines and in all western European languages on slavery and slaving, worldwide and throughout human history, including modern times."

Bibliography of the History of Art - BHA (citations & abstracts; 1990 to one year ago, updated annually)
A bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of western art, indexing over 1200 journals.

Biological and Medical Sciences (citations & abstracts; dates vary, most 1980s to present)
Simultaneously searches several databases covering biology, medicine, and related field.

BioOne (full text; dates vary, most 2000 to present)
80+ scholarly journals in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

Business Source Complete (some full-text; dates vary, generally 1980s-present, includes some titles to 1886)
Articles from scholarly and popular sources in all areas of business, economics, and related fields.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education (full text; 1989 to present)
Online edition of the newspaper, covering all aspects of higher education.

Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective (full-text; November 1860 - April 1865)
Full-text and images of Civil War era newspapers: The Charleston Mercury, The New York Herald, and the Richmond Enquirer.

Communication and Mass Media Complete (some full text; 1915 to present)
Interdisciplinary database of journal and trade articles and book chapters on communications, advertising, linguistics, mass media, and related fields.

Computers and Applied Science Complete (some full text; 1950s to present)
Includes academic, trade, and popular publications in computer science and related applied sciences; also includes full text of several reference books.

Congressional Digest Debates Online (full text, 1998 to present) formerly Pro-and-Con-Online
Provides analysis of controversial topics, with essays exploring different perspectives on the issues provided by recognized experts. Includes Congressional Digest, Supreme Court Debates, and International Debates.

Consumer Health Complete (some full text; dates vary, most 1970s to present)
Consumer and patient-oriented health information from magazines and journals, pamphlets, books, and reference sources.

CQ Researcher (full text; 1991-present)
Provides in-depth analysis of current and controversial issues. Each weekly update focuses around a single issue, including the historical background and a chronology, opposing viewpoints provided by experts, and extensive bibliographies for further research.

Credo Reference (full text; current)
Over 500 reference books and sets from several publishers covering all subject areas.

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Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) (full text, 1885 - )
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) contains 60,000 biographies of deceased British figures, who shaped 2,500 years of history.

Dissertations & Theses Global (full text 1997 to present; citations & abstracts primarily 1861 to present, some citations 1637+)
Covers master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations worldwide in all disciplines.

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EBSCO eBook Collection
A collection of over 140,000 electronic books in all subject areas.

Economia y Negocios (some full-text; 1969 to present)
Spanish and Portuguese language articles from magazines and journals, books, and other resources on economics and related fields.

EconLit with Full Text (some full-text; 1886 to present)
Articles from journals, books, and other resources on economics and related fields.

Education Research Complete (some full text; dates vary, mostly 1980s to present)
Includes all areas of education and development from early childhood through higher education.

Engineering Research Database (citations & abstracts; 1966 to present)
Indexes journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, patents, books, and other publications in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, transportation, and aerospace engineering.

Environment Complete (some full text; 1940s to present)
Multidisciplinary; covers publications in all subject disciplines in the sciences and social sciences related to environmental studies.

Environmental Science and Pollution Management (citations & abstracts; 1967 to present)
Covers environmental studies, pollution and toxicology with articles, conference proceedings, books, government publications, etc.

ERIC (some full-text; 1966 to present)
Covers education with research documents, articles, technical reports, program descriptions and evaluations, and curricular materials.

European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750 (citations, 1493-1750)
Index to printed works about the Americas published in Europe.

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Factiva (full text; 1968 to present)
Covers global news and business information, including newswires, newspapers, magazines, and company reports.

FIAF: The International Index to Film Periodicals Plus (some full-text; dates vary)
Includes 5 components: Index to Film Periodicals, an index to academic and popular periodicals with full-text of 50+ publications; Treasures from the Film Archives, a database of credits and holdings information for 48,000+ silent-era films; Documentation Collections, a database with comprehensive information about the world's foremost film archives, libraries, and educational institutions; FIAF Affiliates' Publications, an index to books, pamphlets, programmes, and other materials published by FIAF; and Reference Works, full-text articles from 5 key reference works.

Fuente Academica (full text)
Multidisciplinary index to scholarly Spanish language journals.

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GPO Monthly Catalog (citation only; 1976 to present)
U.S. government publications in all disciplines.

GreenFILE (most 1980s-present,some titles back to 1913; citations)
Index to scolarly and general interest periodicals, government documents and reports on the positive and negative ways humans affect the environment

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Harp Week: The Civil War Era and Reconstruction (full text; 1857-1877)
Online edition of Harper's Weekly, a newspaper including editorials and illustrations.

Health Source - Consumer Edition (some full text; 1980s to present)
Included are consumer health magazines, reference books, and informational pamphlets.

Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition (some full text; 1950s to present)
Covers scholarly and professional publications in all areas of medical specialties.

Hospitality and Tourism Complete (some full text; 1965 to present)
Covers scholarly research and industry news for hospitality and tourism.

Humanities International Complete (some full text; dates vary; mostly 1980s to present)
Multidisciplinary database covering all of the humanities including history, religion, philosophy, classics, art, drama, literature, and music.

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ICPSR Data Sets (data files; current and historic)
ICPSR provides access to the world’s largest social science data archive, with data sets from over 6300 studies. Data sets are used with statistical software, such as SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

Institute of Physics Electronic Journals (full text; 1874 to present)
Articles covering physics and related fields.

Internet Library of Early Journals (full text; dates vary by journal)
Includes scanned images of 20+ consecutive years of several 18th and 19th century journals.

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JSTOR (full text; dates vary by journal)
An archive of back issues of over 400 journals in many disciplines.

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Legal Collection (full text; dates vary; mostly 1980s to present)
Full text and indexing for over 250 scholarly law reviews and journals.

LexisNexis Academic (full text; dates vary, most 1980 to present)
Includes international, national, and regional newspapers, newswires, transcripts of news programs, and business and legal information.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) (citations & abstracts; 1960s to present)
Index to periodicals in library and information science and related areas.

Literature Online - LION (full text)
Full text of over 350,000 literary works of English and American poetry, drama and prose; also includes full-text of over 300 journals, author biographies, and reference and criticism resources.

Literature Resource Center (full text; current)
Critical analyses and biographies on more than 120,000 writers from around the world. Includes full-text of several reference sources.

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Making of the Modern World (full-text; 1450-1914)
Digital reproductions of over 66,000 rare primary source books and serial publications chronicling the development of the modern western world through world trade, exploration and colonization of the New World, the Industrial Revolution and the development of modern capitalism. Subject coverage includes history, political science, economics and business, women's studies, and legal and religious history. Individual publications are also in MaconCat.

MasterFILE Premier (some full text & images; 1975 to present)
Includes popular magazine articles, reference books, biographical materials, primary source documents and images covering all subject areas.

MathSciNet (citations & reviews; 1940 to present)
Covers mathematics research in journals, conference proceedings, and books.

MedicLatina (full text)
Spanish language medical research journals.

MEDLINE - CSA (citations & abstracts; last 10 years)
See also:  PubMed
Covers biomedical literature and medical topics relating to research, clinical practice, administration, policy issues, and health care services.

Mergent Online [including Mergent Horizon] (full text; current)
Offers users a set of tools that blend information about companies, industries and products, allowing researchers to link companies with their brands, suppliers, competitors and examine financial performance measures across product and industry sectors. Includes company highlights, stock and shareholder information, equity price reports, earnings estimates, insider and institutional holdings, executive biographies and equity research reports.

Military and Government Collection (some full text; dates vary, mostly 1980s to present)
Covers news sources and scholary research on all branches of the military and government.

MLA International Bibliography (citation only; 1925 to present)
Covers world literature and language from the Middle Ages to the present with books, articles, and dissertations.

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Newspaper Source Plus (full text; dates vary)
Contains articles from U.S. and international newspapers, newswires, and television and radio broadcasts; also includes photographs and other images, and primary source documents.

19th Century British Newspapers (full text; 1800-1900)
Full-text searchable editions with page images of nearly 50 newspapers from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. In addition to articles, includes advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, editorials, etc.

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OmniFile Full Text Mega (some full text; 1994 to present, some titles covered to 1982)
Articles from scholarly and popular sources in all disciplines.

Oxford English Dictionary (full text; current)
Electronic edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Oxford Journals Online (full text; dates vary, most 1995 to present)
Nearly 200 scholarly journals in all subject areas published by Oxford University Press.

Oxford Reference Online (full text; most 1995 to present)
A collection of over 100 dictionary, language reference, and subject reference books published by Oxford University Press.

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PAIS with ProQuest Political Science(some full-text; 1914 to present)
Covers political science, international relations and public policy with articles, books, hearings, government publications, etc. from 120 countries.

Papers First (citation only; 1982 to present)
Papers presented at conferences worldwide, covering all disciplines.

PBS Streaming Video Collection
Hundreds of hours of streaming video content from PBS, including programming from series such as Frontline, NOVA, and The American Experience.

Pro-and-Con-Online - see Congressional Digest Debates Online

Project MUSE (full text; dates vary, most late-1990s to present)
Scholarly articles in the fields of arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress (PILOTS) Database (abstracts; 1871 to present)
Index to literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other acute stress disorders related to traumatic events.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (some full-text, 1980s to present)
Includes full-text of about 600 psychology and related periodicals.

PsycINFO via APA PsycNET (1872 to present; includes full text from PsycARTICLES database)
Produced by the American Psychological Association, this database indexes over 2400 journals, dissertations, and some books and book chapters. APA PsycNET also includes PsycBOOKS (APA-published books and chapters)and PsycARTICLES databases.

PubMed (some full-text; mid-1960s to present)
Includes contents of MEDLINE and some older content and additional journals covering biomedicine and related fields.

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Reader's Guide Retrospective (index only; 1890-1982)
Index covers nearly 100 years of articles from popular magazines in all subject areas.

Regional Business News (1980s-present, full text)
Full text of over 80 regional business publications in the United States.

Religion and Philosophy Collection (some full text; dates vary, most 1960s to present)
Full text and indexing for journals and magazines in religious studies and philosophy.

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Salud en Espanol (some full text; dates vary)
Spanish language version of Consumer Health Complete database; consumer and patient-oriented information.

ScienceDirect Health and Life Sciences College Edition (full text; most 1995 to present)
Over 1100 scholarly journals in the health and life sciences published by Elsevier. Please note: our access is only to the items with the green square or green key next to them.

ScienceDirect Social and Behavioral Sciences College Edition (full text; most 1995 to present)
Nearly 400 scholarly journals in the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities published by Elsevier. Please note: our access is only to the items with the green square or green key next to them.

SciFinder (1907-present for CAplus; dates vary for other databases)
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Key index in field of Chemistry. Includes 6 databases -CAplus, Registry, CASREACT, and Medline. Limited number of simultaneous users; if ports are full, try again later.

SocINDEX with Full Text (1908-present, some full-text)
Index to journal articles, conference papers, books and book chapters in sociology and and related fields such as cultural anthropology and criminal justice; includes full text from over 800 journals and over 800 books, as well as 1400 conference papers.

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Teacher Reference Center (citations & abstracts, mostly 1980s to present)
Index to 270 of the most popular professional education magazines and journals.

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Ulrich's Periodical Directory (full text; current)
Directory information for magazines and journals published worldwide.

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Vente et Gestion (full text)
French language business journals.

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Women's Studies International (index only; mostly 1970s- present)
Indexes over 2,000 sources with relevant materials in women's and gender studies.

World Almanac (full text; 1998 to present)
Electronic edition of the World Almanac, including facts, statistics, and brief information.

WorldCat (citation only; current)
A catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide.

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