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McGraw-Page Library: Thank you seniors!

Graduating Seniors

The McGraw-Page Library cannot run without the help of our many student workers. Unfortunately for us, each year we lose many to graduation. We would like to shine a spotlight on them and their wonderful help.

Brynn Browning

Major: Engineering Physics

After R-MC Plans: Working full-time over the summer as a lab technician, with hopes for a position at TemperPack (a local biodegradable packaging company. I plan to continue my education by earning a Master's in Material Science Engineering through UVa.

Favorite Library Memory: I don't have a specific favorite memory, but as a student worker, I loved being involved in making the library run, helping students, and occasionally giving my perspective as a student to help solve problems in the library. And as a regular student, I loved how the library and Duncan offered snacks, donuts, and coffee during finals each semester to keep us going. Things like that serve as a testament to how the library is consistently thinking of the students, and that kind of thoughtfulness and consideration is my favorite thing about the library. 


Rowan Hierholzer

Major: Political Science and Spanish

After R-MC Plans: Special Events Fundraiser for the Leukemia-Lymphomia Society of Richmond

Favorite Library Memory: Being able to get to know the staff throughout my four years as a student worker - being able to drop into Gardner's office at any point and leave feeling more confident in my research and studies!

Jacob Lamarche

Major: English & Writing, Journalism & Ethics minors.

After R-MC: Live in Northern Virginia and working as a technical/proposal writer doing government contracting.

Favorite Library Memory: Trying to shoot footage of piloting the drone. I don't know if you've used it much, but boy, is that thing finicky. I was definitely nervous trying to pilot the thing while also juggling filming it. I had trouble getting to turn it off, and the propeller blades even cut my arm a little bit! But I was able to get the footage we needed, though I don't think I'll be buying a drone any time soon.


Isabel Lee

Major: History, Communication Studies & Classics minors

After R-MC: Plans are TBD

Favorite Library Memory: Binding journals over the summer.


Summer Myers

Major: Political Science

After R-MC: Working at Kennedy Kreiger High School in Baltimore, MD while pursuing a Masters in Teaching.

Favorite Library Memory: Using the loudspeaker.

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