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The Media & Instructional Support (MIS) houses stationary equipment including PCs and Macs with production software and flatbed scanners. MIS also has production and presentation equipment for check-out. The loan items may be used for college functions, with priority given to class and other academic presentations.  Patrons are welcome to borrow our equipment by:

coming to the MIS office to pick up the equipment themselves, or
requesting the equipment be delivered and set up by our staff.

Patrons Coming to MIS to Pick up the Equipment

Faculty and students are welcome to check out equipment for teaching and learning. We recommend advance reservation by calling 752-4711. Students must have a faculty/staff sponsor contact the MIS office for checking outequipment for class projects or organization functions. For the Canon EOS Digital SLR image camera, we require advance reservation and an appointment for 30-minute training. Please note our equipment is for short-term loan only. Equipment must be picked up and returned during the MIS office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Here is a list of our popular equipment:
- Digital image camera
- Laptop computer (faculty and staff only)
- Projector - data and video (faculty and staff only)
- Student response system (known as Clickers)
- Video camera & tripod
- Voice recorder
- Webcam
- Cables and adapters

Loan Periods, Overdue Fines and Damaged/Lost Equipment

Loan Periods (Renewal contingent upon availability)

Camcorders, cameras, voice recorders and tripods ……1 day
Clickers …………………………………………… 3 days
Other equipment ………………………………………2 days

Overdue Fines & Damaged or Lost Equipment

Patrons are subject to fines for overdue equipment, at the rate of $3.00 per day per item. A replacement charge is automatically assessed for any item that is damaged or not returned by the end of the semester. The replacement charge ranges from $75.00 to $3000.00, depending on the equipment. Overdue fines are not added to this replacement cost. Donated items will not be accepted in lieu of the replacement charge, which covers processing as well as item costs.


Patrons Requesting the Equipment Be Delivered and Set up by the MIS Staff

Almost all our classrooms are technology-ready (see tech classrooms by building). Patrons should use the existing equipment in the classrooms. Faculty who rely on computer, video and LCD projection for teaching should confirm with the Registrar's office the primary meeting location of his/her class is technology-ready. The MIS staff only delivers media equipment for curriculum functions that require set-up or technical assistance. Examples include computer/LCD systems, and large-sized video display in non-technology rooms. We do not deliver hand-carried equipment, such as cameras or laptop computers.

For curriculum presentations, please use this Equipment Setup Form to place your requests. The request must be received at least one business day before the event starts. [Note: If the equipment is needed outside of office hours, MIS will set it up no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the event, and retrieve the equipment on the next business day after the event. The requesting party must ensure the security of the equipment once it is set up.] Please call 752-4711 or 752-3216 for demonstration on how to use media equipment.



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