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Technology Resources for Faculty

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Faculty Tech Resources
Tech Equipment in Classrooms
Moodle - LMS
Equipment Loan & Setup
Printing & Production

Faculty know what they would like to accomplish for the course, but sometimes are uncertain what technologies are available to facilitate teaching and learning. We will are happy to assist faculty in using technologies to match instructional goals. We will discuss technical and pedagogical issues with faculty.


For posting course materials, encouraging instructor-student and student-student interactions, and managing assignments and grades

Technology Equipment in Classrooms

Detailed classroom equipment and layout in each building

Software and Systems for Faculty

Technology Training for Faculty and Students

For teaching students, we are happy to come to a class to give a 30-minute to one-hour instruction. Please discuss arrangements with Lily Zhang (zzhang@rmc.edu). Students are welcome to walk in for training and consultation during our service hours.

We help faculty explore ways to match technology to teaching and learning needs. We train faculty and students to use media and computer tools. Here are some examples:

Classroom Teaching Tools
* Projection equipment
* Clickers (Student Response System)
* Lecture Capture (Flipped instruction)
* Moodle

Images and Photos
* Camera skills
* Scanning and editing/Photoshop

Online Collaboration
* Google Drive
* Chat in foreign languages (Butler Multimedia Lab)

* Creating and editing
* Collaboration

* Poster design and printing
* PowerPoint
* Prezi
* Web blogging and publishing

Video and Audio
* Copying (analog to digital, digital to digital)
* Recording
* Editing
* Digital Storytelling [assignment rubrics]
* Video conferencing

Web Development & Publishing


Faculty Workshop
(Coming soon... )

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