Mathematical Art by Bruce Torrence

November, 2011, New Display!

Mathematical Art by Bruce Torrence

Ticket to Success

September 3, 2011, Ticket to Success on the Library Express!

Welcome, Class of 2015!


Pardon our Noise and Mess!

January, 2011, Construction Site!

Please pardon our noise and mess while we make our three public service desks ADA compliant.


Harvest by Professor Eve Torrence

Fall Semester 2010, Happy Fall!:

Harvest by Professor Eve Torrence


Library Circ Desk Staff

September 4, 2010:  Freshmen Orientation - It's About Time!

Freshmen took their cards and time traveled to various locations in the Library and Writing Center, receiving information on library programs and services. Check out Circulation decked out in their finest 1800's era Jane Austen attire! Other time travel stops included the 1920's, 1950's, 1960's, 2010 and the Future.



5th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest!

March - April, 2010:  5th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest

The entries of the 5th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest (sponsored by the Office of International Education) were displayed on the Library's A-V Wall throughout March and April, 2010.


Bizzard 3 Mathematical Sculpture by Prof. Eve Torrence

March, 2010:  Blizzard Three

Prof. Eve Torrence’s snowball sculpture, made with paper plates and Elmer’s glue, received national recognition from the Mathematical Association of America.


Feature Films Moved to the Pavilion!

March 5, 2010: Feature Films Moved to the Pavilion

Feature films on VHS and DVD are now kept in the Pavilion, to the far left when you enter the Library. Films are arranged by language, and then alphabetically by title. Educational DVDs remain behind the Circulation Desk, and educational VHS tapes are now in the Stacks, shelved with the books. Please ask if you want help locating a particular title.

To Haiti With Love Bake Sale Flyer   Bake Sale, Estes Location

Bake Sale, Library Location  Bake Sale, Library Location

February 11, 2010: To Haiti, With Love Bake Sale

Thanks to the valiant efforts of our “Baking Team” and the generous spirits of those buying the “Baked Goods,” R-MC raised $1,070.00 for the American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti!


Grant of 100 Japanese Books From Nippon Foundation  Students Perfomr Skit in Japanese International Education Week

November 19, 2009: "100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan"

The Library celebrated a grant from the Nippon Foundation during International Education Week. Prof. Todd Munson and Japanese language students performed a skit.


FYE Students Visiting Special Collections

November 19, 2009: FYE Special Collections Visit

A group of FYE students visited Special Collections for their study of the polio vaccine.


Megan Hodge, Circulation Supervisor, Receives $2500 VLA Scholarship

October 30, 2009: Library Circulation Supervisor Receives Scholarship from the VLA

Megan Hodge, Circulation Supervisor, received a scholarship worth $2,500 towards her master’s degree.  It was awarded Oct. 30, at the Virginia Library Association conference in Williamsburg.


R-MC Team Presents Capturing the Voices of Randolph-Macon College at Oral History Association Conference

October 16, 2009: Capturing the Voices of Randolph-Macon College (Presentation to the Oral History Association)

Kimberly Dutton (Class of '12),  Jennifer Shotwell (French and Language Lab), Lynda Wright (Library), and Laurie Preston (Library) presented a program on the college’s oral history projects at the annual meeting of the Oral History Association in Louisville, KY. Alphine Jefferson (History) (back row)  served as commentator for the program.


Heather Hodge Conducts Book Repair and Box Making Workshop for Library Staff

October 5, 2009: Book Repair and Box Making Workshop

Heather Hodge, a conservator at the New York Botanical Gardens and a sister of Megan Hodge, our Circulation Supervisor, provided training for library staff.


Voter Registration 2009 in Library Lobby

October 1, 2009: Voter Registration Drive

Blanka Mazakova of the Political Science Club set up a table in the Library Lobby to encourage students to register to vote.


  Students Attending Orientation Were Treated to a Saturday Movie they are at The Beach viewing the classic movie, Jaws.  Freshmen Orientation 2009 - 2010 @ the MIS Desk in the Library

  Group of Students Near the Circulation Desk  Students Visiting the Circulation Desk Where the Featured Movie was The Matrix

August 29, 2009: Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen took their "movie tickets" to various locations in the Library and Writing Center, receiving information on library services in the guise of various movies. Check out Circulation as Matrix and Media & Instructional Support as King Kong!


Author Judy Chicago Lectures On-Campus - Art Exhibit In The Library

April 16, 2009: The Dinner Party

In conjunction with the visit of artist Judy Chicago to campus, Prof. Evie Terrono's art class exhibited their own ceramic dinner plates and table services.


Photo Contest Exhibit Library A-V Wall

March, 2009: J-Term Study Abroad Photo Contest

Photos taken by J-Term Study Abroad students were displayed on the Library AV Wall by the Office of International Education.



R-MC Team Presents Oral History Project 'Capturing the Voices of Randolph-Macon College' at the VLA Conference

October 23, 2008: Oral History Panel Presentation at Virginia Library Association

Jennifer Shotwell (French), Lynda Wright (Library), Kimberly Dutton (Class of '12), and Laurie Preston (Library).


Library Introduces Media Pods!

September 1, 2008: New Media Pods!

Thanks to a grant from the Knapp Foundation, the Library has created five group multimedia workstations in the East End of the Library.


Freshmen Orientation 2008/2009 Pirates Theme  Library Staff in Full Pirate Gear!

August 31, 2008: Freshmen Orientation "Pirates"

Freshmen took their “treasure maps” to various places in the Library and Writing Center, receiving information as good as gold to help them in their college courses!