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President J. Earl Moreland
Robert Emory Blackwell
President, 1902 - 1938

Chair Endowment - Issac Newton Vaughan - Chair of History 1904

Chair - English Bible and Moral Philosophy 1908

Faculty 1903-1939

Faculty Information, 1934

Secretary of the Faculty letters 1928-1929


President - President's Office

Canter, Hall, Dean of the College (1925-1939)

Brown, W. S, Treasurer - Report of R-MC (1905-1906)

Treasurer's Office:

Treasurer's Office 1903-1907

Accounting Records - 1907

Stock Certificates - 1920s


General Ed. Bd./ Salaries Report 1920

Carnegie issue -- (Also see Correspondence)

1905-1906 Carnegie/ Gen. Ed. Bd.

1907-1908 Carnegie

1908-1909 Carnegie

1909-1911 Carnegie

1912-1917 Carnegie

Association of American Colleges

Board of Education

VA Conference of Christian Education (1937 and 1938)

United States Department of the Interior/Office of Education (1/2/1936)

Financial matters - Gen. Ed. Bd. 1913-1930

World peace Letter (11/24/1930)

Oratorical Association (program)


Fire Insurance Survey - Davenport Corp. 1932


Woodrow Wilson Memorial

Invitations for College events


Old Reports

Oceana and Virginia Beach

Bank of Phenix

Payroll - SS and Unemployment records 1937 and 1940

Southern Assembly File

Middleburg - Bootlegging incident 1920s (signatures of Gov. Trinkle and Senator Swanson

R-MC Ad Draft (1921)

Taft Connection - Kings Dominion

Taft Incident (1910) R-MC vs Hampden-Sydney (Athletics)

Anti-Saloon League of VA - Letters, 1925

Memoir /Dr. B.; - new pres. search, widening College Ave. & VA Commission on Inter-racial Cooperation

Board of Trustees:

Note from the Trustees on the 60th anniversary of Blackwell's graduation

Memoir, presented by the Executive Committee 1938 to the Trustees

Reports to Board

Special Meeting of Board of Trustees (Aug. 2,1938)

June, 1938 R-MC Trustees Minutes and the issue of the Alcohol Tax Unit

Report of the Executive Committee 1919, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938

Centennial 1930


Alumni Publications sent at Centennial


Invitations, misc. programs

Responses to invitations

News clippings


Alumni Committees

Kappa Alpha Fraternity/ Lambert Hall Oct. 23, 1930

Centennial House was built in Spring 1931.

Various Articles - Blackwell, Christian Advocate Nov.20, 1930

R-MC Centennial--congratulations from colleges



Commencement Exercise - War Situation


Correspondence, Administrative

Includes years 1879-1899; 1900-1905; 1906-1915; 1918-1925;1924-1939.

Insurance group 1924

Spring 1938 Simpson T. McNider

Armenian/Syrian Relief co-chair 1919-1920

Near East Relief County Chair 1920-1921

VA politics 1915-1937

Cleveland, Grover (1905-1906)

Coolidge Letter 1923

Ambassador William E. Dodd, (1936) re:Macon portrait; Clay portrait

Letter from E. L. Foxre:G. L. Lambert - 1927

Douglas S. Freeman, 1928

Hepburn, Thomas (Katherine Hepburn) 1938 R-MC 1900;1901.

Hoover, J. Edgar (Letter June 15, 1937)

Walter Hines Page (1887-1911) R-MC 1871-76

Price, Thomas R. (1877-1902)
Roosevelt, F.D. (Letter March 18, 1935)

Ryland, Garnett (UR) 1929-1938

Presidential Letters (Tyler, Cleveland, Wilson)

Woodrow Wilson - 1894



Athletics 1903-1939 (includes "Synopsis of Report of the Director of Athletics

From the Report of the Executive Committee" (1934))

Funeral of the Old Gym, 1924 - three photographs

Agreement - re: Campaign for gym.1926

Our Greatest Need - A New Gymnasium (1928)

Athletics, Debating, etc., list of cups won by RMC 1910 - 1925

Report of the Director of Athletics - 1934

Buildings and Grounds:

Branch Memorial Dorm. - R.F. & P. Reimbursement 1906

Removal of H.Leigh's body from the old college cemetery 1935

Buildings and Grounds - individuals

Development and Funding:

The Hall Fund

Estate of Columbia Rhea - Deeds, Agreements, etc., 1906-07

RHEA Estate 1906-1909

RMC Forward Movement 1938

General Education Board - John D. Rockefeller Foundation, 1906


Walter Hines Page Library dedication program 1923 (with picture)

History and Ownership of College:


R-MC History and Description 1903-1939

Regarding Charter (1912) - Legal Papers

"Voice of the People", to the editor of T-D, 7/10/1908, written on "Moral ownership of R-MC" [subject:Ownership of college]

Branch, John P., 1908 [subject: ownership of college]

Honorary Degrees:

Rev. Thomas A. Smoot, D.D. and Rev. M. Samuel Colonna, D.D. - Memoirs

Gov. William Hodges Mann (1912)

Li, Dzong-Doen (1920-21 RMC Honorary Degree, 1929 Soochow Univ. ltr.)


Race Relations, Ashland Methodist 1926

Letters of Appreciation (1933) Inter-Racial Commission

Inter-Racial Cooperation

Interracial Committee Papers / Display Items Feb 1997

By-Laws for the Colored Citizens League of Ashland, VA (1934)

Newspaper Articles

Randolph-Macon (1923-1934) Index to Herald Progress Articles

College Park, Inc (1926)

Personal Memorabilia:

Memorabilia File: notes, letters, memo books, passport, etc.

Birthday Greetings RMC 1900-1940

Manuscripts and manuscript fragments


Notes, miscellaneous


Grade Books, Scrapbooks, and Diaries

E. Blackwell's Bible

Meets Countess Alexandra Tolstoy (Nov. 18, 1936)

Correspondence with family (1880's and 1890's)

Correspondence with family 1900's

Materials on father's death

In Memoriam

Tributes to Blackwell

Biographical Material

Fosdick, Raymond - "Sick Souls' Needs"

Speeches (1920's R-MC history)



Framed marriage invitation for R.E. Blackwell

Doctor of Law certificate (framed) for Blackwell June 8, 1936

Diaries, address books, and notes


Book - Xenophontis, Historia Graeca

Clippings, articles, and correspondences

Recommendations UNC Application 1885

Recommendations H-SC Application 1895 (Washington and Lee Univ.)


Student Council

Students 1903-1939

Students 1912

Simpson, T. McNider, Correspondence Alumni Secretary

Scholarships - Albert G. Pritchett Memorial Scholarship 1900

Scholarships - Jones Scholarship (William Jones) 1927

Loans - Mary Louisa Merrit Branch Student's Loan Fund

Loans - The Batte and Crowder Ministerial Loan Fund 1918


Student Army Training Corps -1918 Misc. Records

Student Army Training Corps (mentioned) - 1919

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