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The Living Legacies Oral History Project was begun as a way to honor donors and contributors to Randolph-Macon College, many of whom are alumni of the College, with an emphasis on capturing the essence of the student experience at the College over time. The project has expanded to include interviews with additional alumni and others involved with the College in meaningful ways whose stories need to be preserved.

By adding donors’ remembrances to the permanent collection of the R-MC library, we are honoring them in a significant manner as well as recording their connections to and impressions of R-MC. Interviewees are asked to discuss the motivation for gifts or donations to the College, to provide reminiscences of their first recollections of or connections to the College, and to share their perceptions of both the College community and the surrounding community at the point of their greatest involvement with the College.

For more information on this project, contact:

Laurie Preston, Associate Professor and Head of Reference, McGraw-Page Library, or (804)752-4718
Sarah Hendricks, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, Office of College Advancement, or (804)752-7352

Interviewees to date:

Hardaway Abernathy, Class of 1939 Interview (.mp3 file, 71 MB, 78 minutes) Photos
Transcript (pdf)
Jim Allen, Class of 1957 Interview (.mp3 file, 49 MB, 54 minutes) Photos
John Ames, Class of 1970 Interview (.mp3 file, 56 MB, 61 minutes) Photos
Dr. Ira Andrews III, Class of 1959 Interview (.mp3 file, 47 MB, 52 minutes) Photos
Herb Bailey, Class of 1979 Interview (.mp3 file, 38 MB, 42 minutes) confessed to dodging all yearbook photos
Tom Bass, Class of 1954 Interview (.mp3 file, 40 MB, 43 minutes) Photos
Transcript (pdf)
Dr. Frank Boldridge, Class of 1939 Interview (.mp3 file, 83 MB, 91 minutes) Photos
Ed Dinwiddie, Class of 1951 Interview (.mp3 file, 51 MB, 55 minutes) Photos
Robert Doggett, Class of 1957 Interview (.mp3 file, 84 MB, 92 minutes) Photos
Rev. Alfred Eastman, Class of 1958 Interview (.mp3 file, 63 MB, 69 minutes) Photos
Rev. Richard Faris, Class of 1957 Interview (.mp3 file, 46 MB, 50 minutes) Photos
Robin Anne Floyd, Class of 1985 Interview not available online. Photos
Transcript (pdf)
Aldrich (Shim) Forrest, Class of 1932 Interview (.mp3 file, 59 MB, 66 minutes)
Dick Forrester, Class of 1957 Interview (.mp3 file, 43 MB, 47 minutes) Photos
Hilbert H. (Hibbie) Hayslett, Jr., Class of 1959 Interview (.mp3 file, 57 MB, 62 minutes) Photos
Dr. Tom Iden, Class of 1941 Interview (.mp3 file, 41 MB, 45 minutes) Photos
Charles Earl Packard II, Class of 1953 Interview (.mp3 file, 93 MB, 102 minutes) Photos
Mary Alleta Pannill, wife of longtime faculty member Dr. H. Burnell Pannill Interview 1 (.mp3 file, 49 MB, 54 minutes)
Interview 2 (.mp3 file, 17 MB, 19 minutes)

Transcript, Interview 2 (pdf)

Dr. Jerome Clayton Ross, Class of 1975 Interview (.mp3 file, 62 MB, 68 minutes) Photos
Jack Russell, Class of 1944 Interview pt1 (.mp3 file, 76 MB, 83 minutes)
Interview pt2 (.mp3 file, 61 MB, 67 minutes)
Dr. Les Salmon, Class of 1939
[Charles Lester Salmon, Jr.]
Interview (.mp3 file, 70 MB, 76 minutes) Photos
Curtis Saunders, Class of 1948
[Ritchie Curtis Saunders, Jr.]

Interview pt1 (.mp3 file, 52 MB, 55 minutes)
Interview pt2 (.mp3 file, 8 MB, 9 minutes)


Index to Interview pt1
Index to Interview pt2
Judee (Atherholt) Showalter, Class of 1984 Interview (.mp3 file, 47 MB, 52 minutes) Photos
Michael Thompson, Class of 1964 Interview (.mp3 file, 72 MB, 78 minutes) Photos
John Vaughan, Class of 1966 Interview (.mp3 file, 52 MB, 57 minutes) Photos
Dr. Paul Wornom, Class of 1937

Interview (.mp3 file, 70 MB, 77 minutes)

Transcript (pdf)
Dr. Henry E. York, Class of 1950 Interview (.mp3 file, 65 MB, 71 minutes) Photos

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