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RMC General History


Faculty Minutes 1835-53; 1889-1928

Information on R-MC postmasters

Summer School for Pastors – 1923

Certificates, Progress Reports

Debating, 1900-1924

English Department – History; author unknown, ~1993-4

Biology Department – History; by Jane Trevvett, ~1940

R-MC History - Sciences at... (by Ira Updike 1939)

Enrollment 1860-1939

Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings – Randolph Macon Monthly 1888-1900

Financial Records:

Cash Receipts Ledger  - 1934-35, 1937-38, 1938-40, 1940-42

Cash Disbursements Ledger – 1931-34, 1934-35, 1937-39

Vaughan Memorial Aid and Loan Fund – 1899-1901

Fee Book – 1873, 1874-75

General Accounts Ledgers – 1894-1900, 1897-1902, 1889, 1912-14, 1927-31, 1929-33,

Cancelled checks & invoices – December 1928 – 1947 (incomplete)

R-MC Bond Ledger 1892-1894

R-MC Athletic Association Journal 1936-1938

R-MC Physical Education Ledger 1938-1939

R-MC “Proctor & Treasurer’s Book” 1882-83

Randolph Macon Academy and Randolph Macon Institute record books

Commencement Programs, 1854-1942                              

Invitations, 1854-1942


“Walton Greek Library” journal 1885

Library journal listing book borrowers 1890

Library journal listing book borrowers 1897-98

Library Book Accession journal 1911-12

Library Record Book August 1923 through April 1934

College Roll 1900-1901

Roll of Students 1907-1908

Class Roll 1927-1928


English 1920-1921,1922-1923,1923-1924,1924-1925

Greek 1875, French 1883, English 1881, English 1882

English, German, and French exams 1878-1902


(German and Latin) 1871-1872

(English and French) 1876-1892

(English and Greek) 1875,1882,-1883

(English) 1881

(English, French, and German) 1884-1885 and 1886

(English and French)  1889

(English and French) 1890-1891

(French and English) 1891-1892

(English and French) 1893,1894,1895

(French and English) 1894-1900

(English and French) 1900-1905

(English) 1908-1909 and 1909-1910

(English) 1911-1912 and 1912-1913

(English) 1913-1915

(English) 1916,1917,1918,1919, and 1926-1927

(English) for 1934-1938


Chapel records 1916,1917,1918,1919, and 1926-1927

Chapel Roll 1913-1914

Chapel Roll

Chapel Roll 1911-1912 and 1912-1913

Chapel Roll 1821-1822 and Chapel Roll 1920-1921

Chapel Roll 1924-1925

Chapel Roll 1915-1916

Chapel Record 1905-1906, 1906-1907

Chapel Roll 1915-1916

Chapel Record 1905-1906, 1906-1907

Chapel Roll 1923-1924

Chapel Roll 1927-1928


Alumni – Pre-1939

Alumni Photographs

Alumni in Who’s Who (to 1930)

Alumni Reunions

Alumni Sketches

Board of Trustees:

Partial Index to Trustee Minutes 1866-1879

Index to Trustee Minutes 1866-1909

R-MC Trustee Minutes 1866 – 1969

1880 Old Duncan Memorial (Chapel) – Letter from President W.W. Bennett (1880 and copy of “this Deed” – both in “DEEDS (1884) Duncan memorial Building, Ashland Station and other documents (1921 (1934))

Buildings, Campus, Artifacts

Contracts, Agreements, Deeds, and Wills


1868- Ashland Hotel 1868; 1872- Deed;1884; (includes map)

1888- Peter T. Bowles, Contractor  (Contract to Build a new Campus Building)

1893- Cary and Claxton (Coupon Bond) Trustees RMC and Turnbull

1906- Artesian Well Agreement

1908-1961- Virginia Electric and Power Company

1936- Johnson Stoke Co. and R-MC Trustees (for installation of Auburn Stoker)


1830- B. Sydnor to R-MC (Boydton)

1831- William Townes to R-MC (Boydton)

1832- James Machlin to R-MC (Boydton)

1833- James Bruce to R-MC (Boydton)

1850- Deed: John Daly and RMC Pres. John Early

1868- Richmond, Fredericksburg and Petersburg Railroad Company

1871-R-MC to W. J. Leake

1872- Winn to William A. Shepard   (Francis and Helena Prange; Joseph Pleasants)

1874- William A Shepard Memorial Fund (includes Morgan, R.B. Davis et al. 1900)

1879 & 1886- Lambert to Thomas A. Bagwell Jr.; Hill Carter to Thomas Bagwell

1883 & 1886- Alexander Donner and John Mann (Trustees) to R-MC (Mentions Stebbing, 1866 land and Todd)

1884 & 1934- Duncan Memorial “Building”

1921-Duncan Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, South(w/attached map)

1884-1902- R-MC to W. L. Cowardin; William H. McCarthy to R-MC

1887- R-MC Trustees to Clinton Winston 1885–1888 - Thomas H. Bagwell Jr (w/correspondence) 1893- H. Ashton Ellett 1893- Richard Ferguson (includes application for purchase of delinquent lands)

1911- Mattie P. Jordan

1918- R-MC and the Town of Ashland (Patrick Street Property)

1918- Anita Blincoe et al. (including brief of title)

1923- T. Parkin Scott et al; estate of Caroline A. Scott (1923)

1928-1937- Frank Day to R-MC; addition to the Athletic Field – Day Field

1934- R-MC Trustees to Duncan Memorial Church and L.R. Hartsook

1938-  Front Royal Academy Property (Deed of Trust)

Wills and Legacies

1883 & 1894- Rev. J. D. Lumsden (w/ codicil) to R-MC and Preacher’s Relief 

Society of the Virginia Conference.

1887- Benjamin H. Poach to R-MC

1888- William McGee to R-MC Trustees

1888- A. H. Anderson to R-MC

1888- Charles S. Allmand to R-MC (Student Loan Fund)

1899- William H. Allison

1909- Cooke Estate; Rachel D. Cooke-Whitacre Court Case

1920- Annie Watts Hubbard to R-MC (The Sarah Virginia Hubbard Scholarship- Scholarship for Ministerial Students of Monumental Methodist Episcopal Church, South in Portsmouth)

1921-Lemuel Coyner

1922-Mary Lou Jenkins to R-MC (and 1934)

1922- Lucretia Dugas to R-MC  (The Robert and Mary Reid Scholarship)

1928- J.H. Ingwersen to Randolph-Macon Institute (Danville)

1928- Charles Jones

1930- George F. Greene to R-MC Trustees

1930- Codicil of George Vose to R-MC  (Vose Memorial Loan Fund)

General R-MC History and Historical Sketches

“Historical Sketch of Randolph-Macon College” by E. L. Fox in The Southern Association Quarterly, February 1945 [period 1825-35].

R-MC history – period 1800s (Moreland).

“Randolph and Macon” by Mary Wallace Rowe in Alumnae Bulletin, n.d.

Brown, Alexander Gustavus (1833-1900) [Includes his financial agent’s report 1871-72 to VA Annual Conf. MEC, South; “ Memorial”; ltr. to Trustees regarding funds for relocating R-MC and biographical sketch].

Special R-MC issue, Richmond Christian Advocate, May 1935.

“Randolph-Macon College” by T. McNider Simpson, Jr. in Commonwealth, September 1935.

“R-MC – a continuity of spirit” by Lex O. McMillan, III in The High Road, February 1931.

R-MC at Boydton in 1850s - some historical incidences and anecdotes by H. Hutcheson.

Woodrow Wilson visits R-MC in 1912 – Virginia Cavalcade Winter 1958.

Sketch of Boydton with photos – The Southsider Winter 1983

Original Charter and Amendments – passed Feb. 3, 1830

“Origins of the First Campus of R-MC: An Architectual Note by Thomas W. Dolan in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, October 1985.

“Oldest Methodist College” by J. Manning Potts in World Outlook June 1938.

Randolph (John) and Macon (Nathaniel): Bio info

Macon, Nathaniel (1807, 1823 letters)

Letter recounting time spent with John Randolph from John Randolph Bryan, 1878

Extracts from letters, 1846 – 47

Original promotional material from 1865-66 sent through mail

Establishment of R-MC - two reports Leigh and Early 1825-1826

Short history by John Ohles in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Institutions, 1978.

“The Diary of Edward Dromgoole Sims: June 17- August 2, 1834” and “Private Journal of Samuel Lander, Jr.” in The John Branch Historical Papers of Randolph-Macon College. (R-MC Department of History and Government, v.3, December 1954).

Postcards of Boyd Tavern House

“Randolph-Macon College: A History” by T. McNider Simpson and W.Mabry, 1967.

Genealogy of Family of Elihu Hall

“Now About This Football Situation” by Thomas Scribner in Virginia Calvacade, Autumn 1956. (football team members not allowed to play for insubordination in 1910)

“President Taft and the Football Game” by E. Barrett Prettyman in The Supreme Court Historical Society, Fall 1982.

“A Living Endowment” brochure with photos of faculty and members of alumni committee, n.d., appears to be early 1940s.

Appeal to Baltimore residents for donations following Civil War – 1870

Advertisements for R-MC – 1848; 1887-8

Advertisement for “Randolph-Macon Monthly” – 1882

Certificate of Stock for Henry Clay Inn Company – 1902

Certificate of Stock from Wesley Grove Camp Meeting Association of Baltimore City to 

   R-MC – 1886

Copy from telegram to the Daily Dispatch about R-MC commencement – 1872

Copy from story about commencement appearing in The Hanover News – 1882

Address of Roscoe Dabney Chesterman (member of Captain Parker’s Boy Company) to Sunday School in 1866.

R-MC graduation speech – 1835

“Story of Old Randolph-Macon” author unknown in newspaper, 1917

Address of Charles Taft to graduating class of 1934

“It Paid” and “Why Go To College” (brochure)–1923 & 1924 by Robert Casper Lintner

Fundraising brochure – “Some Plain Facts about Randolph-Macon College” – dated

   around 1926

R-MC Historical Sketches - RCA Special Edition, 1934 – Brunswick-

     Mecklenburg (includes Mecklenburg; Old Ebenezer Academy; R-MC, Boydton;

     R-MC 1861 (after the Civil War).

“Charles Morris’s Memories of Hanover County” transcribed by Edgar MacDonald, Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, v. 23 no.1, February 1985.

“ Story of Old R-M College” by Hutcherson (first name unk.), Publication unk., 1917.

Address to the Society of Alumni, by Hon. Thomas J. Jarvis, 1881.

R-MC Historic Campus Engraving

Copy of drawing of R-MC: A Randolph-Macon College 1880-1886

General history of the College--photographs and prints

“A Walking History of the College” by James Scanlon, Ph.D., n.d.

RMC Temperance/Sale of Liquor in Ashland (1896), (Includes House Bill #330

    to amend the charter of the Town of Ashland 

History of Ashland-RF&P 1836-1902

R-MC History-Reports/Letters, undated, unsigned – financial condition of the College

R-MC Perpetual Scholarships

Establishment of preparatory school, report by David Duncan, n.d., appears to be from early 1800s.

List of Autographs and Letters to Museum: R-MC Museum, n.d.

Misc. Reports – Randolph-Macon Women’s College 1944 – 1948 and Randolph Macon Academy 1944

R-MC Viewbooks 1890s and early 1900s

Civil War Letters (includes copy of Letters of Leroy S. Edwards Written During the War Between The States

RMC 1859-1866 (Diaries, Letters, Misc. Papers)

Faculty/Staff Records: Lecture notes; papers 1868-1940

Historic Letters:

George Washington To Governor Spotswood – 1799

George Washington to Mrs. Anderson (not Washington but written in same period by someone else – 1794 and 1970 correspondence covering this letter)

John Tyler to Dr. Henry Curtis – 1818

General Robert E. Lee to Rev. A..[illegible] 1868

Grover Cleveland to Richard Irby – 1891

Woodrow Wilson to Prof. R. E. Blackwell – 1894

Grover Cleveland to R.E. Blackwell – 1906

Woodrow Wilson to Prof. R. E. Blackwell – 1913

Calvin Coolidge to President Blackwell – 1923

George Washington Carver to Mr. Moger (R-MC student) – 1926

Franklin D. Roosevelt to President Blackwell – 1935

J. Edgar Hoover to Dr. Robert Blackwell – 1937

Nathaniel Macon – Nov. 19, 1807

Roswell Page – 1894

Literary Societies:

Washington Literary Society

Washington Literary Society 1833-1939

Washington Literary Society 1939-1967

Establishment and Early Development (includes the Constitution and By-Laws)

Washington Literary Society Papers

Washington Literary Society - Invitations

Honorary Members 1834-1926

Centennial Celebration 1933 Alumni Correspondences

Centennial Celebration (1933)

Papers response to Washington letter 1933-1975

George Washington Letter to General Spotswood 1799

Washington Literary Society 1949-1950

Franklin Literary Society

Records, “Deposited in the Walter Hines Page Library” an undated list

Franklin Literary Society 1833-1939

Franklin Literary Society Invitations

Honorary Members 1834-1854

Tyler, John Literary Society Address 1839

Rives, John Fletcher (R-MC 1843, 1846) address to Franklin Lit. Society

Photographs/ Portraits/Paintings:

Presidents, Early R-MC:

Olin, Stephen-- President 1834-1837 - includes Inaugural Address

Garland, Landon C.

Letter 1839

Articles 1896, 1932-1938

Smith, William A. (1846-1866) R-MC President

Correspondence 1851-1858 (including Deems controversy)

Correspondence 1860-1868

Correspondence 1823-1846, 1905

Also See:  W.A. Smith’s “Notebook from UVA”

Duncan, James A.

Biographical Sketches

A Letter to the President R-MC

Bennett, William Wallace

Genealogical Information

Biography by James Scanlon

Correspondences, Memorabilia

Lectures, notes, and miscellaneous


Sermon notes

Smith, W. W. 1886-1899 (R-MC President)


Agreement re: Academy, Bedford – 1890

Kern, John A.- Papers

Starr, William G. President 1899-1902

Form, Alcohol from Federal government for scientific purposes

Sketches of early Presidents and other significant figures in early R-MC history

Publications (search under title in MaconCat, the online library catalog):

The Lemon and Black   (1897) (about life at R-MC)

The Jacket PHI – two issues, 1927 and 1928  (from Va. Gamma of Phi Delta Theta)

R-MC Sports Publications 1939

R-MC System:

R-MC Charter (handwritten bill)

“Regarding Charter” (1920) - legal papers

RMC Campus—Boydton

Removal to Ashland; Letters 1866-68 (W.A. Smith, R. Irby, R.M. Smith)

Other Early Schools Not in the R-MC System: (male preparatory & female collegiate)

Augusta Female Institute, Staunton, VA, later to become Mary Baldwin College

Blackstone Female Institute (1894)

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute, Buckingham County (1837-1842/43)

Ebenezer Academy (Brunswick County VA (1784) and thought to be predecessor to R-MC, Boydon, VA)

Garysburg Prep School

Wesleyan Female Institute (Staunton, VA 1848)

Randolph-Macon Academy, Front Royal, VA

Randolph-Macon Academy, Bedford, Va [ See Also “W.W. Smith”]

Randolph-Macon Institute, Danville, VA

Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, VA

R-MC Medical Department:

R-MC History--Medical Dept 1847-1854 (Dr. J. P. Mettauer)

Photograph – Dr. Mettauer

1851 Invitation to Banquet for R-MC Medical Students, Farmville VA

R-MC Treasures:


Randolph-Macon Alumni Association – Program--First Annual Banquet (1902)

Randolph-Macon Songs and Yells

Tower Bell

1916 Gold Star on flag at College entrance (honoring William R. Scott)

Simpson Mace, Presidential Medallion, College Seal, Academic Dress (includes a folder with extensive information on the Mace and Medallion)

R-MC Curiosities

The Alma Mater

R-MC and WWI [Military Service]

Memorial Centennial Gateway on Southeast Corner of Campus – 1928

Students/Student Life/Clubs and Organizations:

Student address books - 1898-1902

“Now About This Football Situation” by Thomas Scribner in Virginia Calvacade, Autumn 1956. (football team members not allowed to play for nsubordination in 1910)

“President Taft and the Football Game” by E. Barrett Prettyman in The Supreme Court Historical Society,Fall 1982.

YMCA 1917-1923

“A Hazing Episode and its Denonement” (November 1894)

R-MC Class of 1898 – Record book and papers, includes names of alumni, a letter from an alumni, and other material

Minutes Book, Richmond Chapter, R-MC Alumni 1902-1923

Minutes of the Meeting of the Society of Alumni  June 1876 – June 1881

R-MC students’ notebooks and misc. books

R-MC students’ scrapbooks

Phi Kappa Sigma- Roll of Chapters (1858-1860)- (1858-1859)

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