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President J. Earl Moreland
J. Earl Moreland
President, 1939 - 1967

Academic Departments:

Future Academic Developments

Academic Schedules, Misc

Chemistry Department

Physics Department

Romance Language Department

Speech Department

Division of Arts

Division of Language and Literature

Division of the Social Sciences (1956-57)


Report to the President 1957

Report of the Visiting Committee – October 25-28, 1964

President, New – 1938-1939 (2 folders)

Inauguration of Presidents and Anniversaries (1938)

President—President’s Office 1939-1967

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 1952

Photographs of Moreland

American Council of Education – Psychological Examination for College

Freshmen (general) (1946)

Financial Audit of the College (1947 & 1948)

Comprehensive Synopsis of Randolph-Macon College (1960s)

Randolph-Macon College – Special Plans (1942)

Presidential Forum Transcript (1965)

Fire Insurance Survey – DeJarnette and Paul 1941 – with photos of R-MC structures

R-MC Fraternity Gift 1967 (general)

Sutton & Co., Inc. Real Estate Brokers (1940) R-MC property 

Administrative (includes correspondence with Dept. of Highways and directional sign for R-MC at the intersection of I-95 and Rt. 54.

College Heights– Veteran Housing (1940s)

Campus Circle (1948)

Newman Club (1948) –Includes letter from German mother of three asking for monetary assistance or provisions for her children.

Brotherhood Dinners

University Center – Richmond 1944 [Richmond Area University Center R.A.U.C.]

University Center In Virginia 1948-67

The Degree Program at Randolph-Macon College

R-MC Ads

Moreland, Correspondence regarding Dr. John P. Mettauer (Medical Department)

“Chapel Talk” – “Appraisal and Re-Appraisal” May 27, 1952 [faculty mentioned]

Administrative Offices/Departments, Centers and Services:



The Anniversary Development Program For the Next 125 Years

Forward Movement (1941-1942)

Million Dollar Campaign -1944

Million Dollar Campaign - Richmond District Committee- (1944)

Million Dollar Campaign - District meetings in connection with campaign

Campaign for R-MC, Forward Movement(1944-1945)

Miscellaneous Material used in the R-MC Campaign(1944-1945)

Hanover-Ashland Campaign 1944-45

Richmond Campaign (2 folders) (1945)

State Wide Campaign (1945-1946)

List of Pledges and Contributors to the R-MC Campaigns (1945-47)

Newport News Campaigns(1946)

Norfolk Campaign(1946)

Petersburg Campaign(1947)

Petersburg Campaign(1948)

Cultivation List (1939-1943)

Information Services 1939-1967

The Kern Center

Placement Center

Administration, Reports and General:

Special Reports; Self Studies

A Report to the Alumni and Friends of the College – 1961

Financial Reports (1940-1944)

Institutional Self-Study and Visitation Report (1960)

Fund Survey Report - 1954

Addresses and Reports (2 folders) 1945-1961)

Reports/Memoranda-Misc. (1946-1949)

Reports/Assorted – 7 files 1954-55; 1955-56; 1957-58; 1958; 1960;1966; 1967

State of the College Report and Self-Study (1963)

Employee Injury Forms and Reports about Injuries (1943)

Invitations list:Faculty, Alumni and VA Conf. 

Agreement on Portable Bleachers - 1952

Employment -- Virginia

Severin, Paul (1950-58) – The Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., Newark, NJ

Ashland/Hanover County:

Preliminary Study on the Feasibility of Annexation for Ashland 1961

Decision – College Tax Exemption, Hanover County 6/1962

Hanover- Ashland Campaigns(1944-1945)

History Sketches- R-MC; Ashland; Hanover

Boarding Houses (Office of Price Administration WWII)

Henry Clay Hotel (WWII boarding, expansion of hotel, and fire)

Letters- Mr. and Mrs. Bernold- Managers of Henry Clay Inn- (1943-1944)

Support Resolutions of R-MC to remain open during war years

Town of Ashland; Women’s Club of Ashland and Kiwanis Club (1944)

Adult Education, Ashland residents – 1953

Ltr. Re RF&P, “Disturbance of classes” (1940)

Athletic Department:

Athletic Council- (1946-1953)

Director of Athletics

Athletics: Basketball 1939-1967

Athletics: Football 1939-1967

Board of Trustees:

Report faculty committee, Oct. 23, 1945

Transcript of principal and income accounts

Statement of Committee, to the Virginia Conference Committee 1952

“Study Outline – For Trustees Committee on The Future of the College – to formulate a Development Plan

Meeting(January 14, 1941)

Meeting(June 10, 1941)

Members- Executive Committee(1941-1942)


Report of the President of R-MC [to Trustees] 1946, [1953 and 1957]

Board of Trustees(1951)

Board of Trustees(three folders)(1956-1958)

Papers for Board Meeting (Oct., 1965)

Members—Board of Trustees:

Brown, Frank E.

Canter, Noland M., Jr., M.D.

Groves, Irving M.

Gum, Bishop Walter C., President, Board of Trustees

Lane, Edward H., Jr.

Lowry, John A.B., M.D.

Mullen, James

Peele, Bishop W. Walter (1938 – 1950)

Perkins, William R., Jr.

Smith, John W., Sr.

Stanley, Thomas Bahnson

White, Jessee A.

Buildings and Grounds:

Buildings on Campus 1941-43 (Repairs)

Blackwell Hall (Auditorium)

Chapel, new (1958)

Chemistry lab fire, ltr from Wise Contracting Co., 1947

Crenshaw Gymnasium, 1964

Dining Room and Shop Building

Duncan Memorial Church- (1940-1955)

Duncan Memorial Church- Building Committee- (1949-1956)

Haley Hall, 1964

Infirmary- (1941-1947)

Walter Hines Page Library – Peele Hall, 1933-1943

Library, Peele Hall – Article by Flavia Owen “History of Library,” published in Bulletin Of R-MC April, 1957

Library, “Recommendations for extension - Walter Hines Page Library 1944-45

Walter Hines Page Library – WHP bust presented 1965

Library, Moreland-Hardy Memorial Fund (Includes pictures of Pres. Moreland and Picture of library and Page bust)

Lee Hall (Early Lee Fox) 1950

Old Chapel theater, 1964

Peele Hall Administration Building, 1964

Presidential Wing named after Edmund DeJarnette

Board Room named after James Mullen, 1964; Crenshaw Gym and Haley Hall

Science Building

Swimming pool – Ltr. from the Kiwanis Club, 6/16/1941

Washington-Franklin Hall, Restoration, 1964

Proposed R-MC Building Plans—New Campus, Administration, Refectory and Chemistry Building Plans 1944

Construction Misc. 1946-1949

Walford, J Binford- Architect(1946-1950)

Wise Contracting Company(1946-1947)

Building – Plans for Addition, 1949-1958

Lee, Merrill C.- Architect(1949-1952)

Building – Preliminary plans and studies Feb., 1959 – Oct., 1959

Gillette, Charles F., Landscape Architect (ltr. 1944)

Calendar of Events – 1960-67


Women Students (1944-45)

Webb, Mrs. William Stanford - Counselor to Women Students- (1943-1950)

Commemorations, Dedications, Special Days:

Commemorations, Dedications, Special Days: Alumni Day 1939-1967

Parent’s Day 1939-1967

Lambert Hall Portrait unveiling of Jordan Wheat Lambert, 1945

Fox Hall 1951 (2 folders)

Dedication of Fox Hall(1951)

Smithey Hall 1953 (2 folders)

Dedication of Smithey Hall(1952-1953)

Blackwell Auditorium Opening 1953 (2 folders)

Dedication of Blackwell Auditorium(1953)

125th Anniversary Celebrations 1955 and Duncan Memorial Dedication 1955

Library Dedication 1962

Crenshaw Gym Opening 1965

Founders’ Day - 1966

Haley Hall 1966

Religion Emphasis Week

“Randolph-Macon Day” observance in Richmond District


Commencement (1961)


Administrative Council Meetings

Committee on Absences and Probation

Radio and television Committee

Committee on Retirement Plan, 1945

Curriculum Committee 1946

Executive Committee (1939-1940)

Executive Committee Meetings(1941)

Executive Committee Meetings (1942-1944)

Executive Committee Report(1955)

Executive Committee Report(1955-1960) Report on Educational Philosophy

Executive Committee Report (1957-1959) Student lists, Pastor lists

Executive Committee (1960s)

Executive Committee(1964)

Executive Committee(1966)

Faculty Committee-Notice etc.- (1956-1960)

Faculty Committee on the Future of the College(1964)

Statewide Committee on Randolph-Macon College

Committee on Construction(1945-1946)

Curriculum Committee

Special Committee on a Re-study of the Curriculum

Credits Committee

Policy and Programs Committee- Building Programs-(1947-1952)

Library Building Committee(1958-1962)

Scholarship Committee

Conferences, Institutes, Symposia:

The Liberal Arts in an Age of Transition – A Symposium, March 9-10, 1959

Guest Book – March, 1959 Symposium


Dean of Men--1939-1967

Dean of College--Correspondence.1940-1945

Dean of College--Correspondence w/ students 1944-1946

Dean of the Faculty – Includes “Report to the Faculty…1956-57”

Dean of the College: Simpson, Grellet C. 1952-1956 speeches, 1956-1973

Simpson, Grellet, Sept 3, 1974 – Longwood College

Dean of the College: W. A. Mabry

Simpson, Thomas McNider, Jr. – Dean, Personal, Biographical

Simpson, Thomas McNider, Unpublished manuscripts

Simpson, Thomas McNider, Correspondence 1920s and 1930s

Distinguished Correspondence:

Johnson, President Lyndon - 1967

Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon B.

Bishop James A. Pike (picture)

Charles P. Taft (picture)

Charles E. Wilson [Secretary of Defense] (picture)



Meetings, Committees and Reports

Individuals, A-Z

Salaries 1959-1960

Correspondence-Faculty (1956-1963

Correspondence Concerning Edward Turner Wright

Department of Biblical Literature 1966

History, Statement of Goals, “The R-MC Man”, Personal:


Addresses and Publications

“The Idea of Our College” – A Statement of Goals (June 1963)

“Two Hundred Years” by Dr. J. Earl Moreland


“Studies in the History of Randolph-Macon College” (1948)

Twenty-eight Years 1938-1967- Manuscript of a report to the Board of Trustees 

“Retrospect and Prospect—The Twelfth Decade”

“Why Go To College”

Woman’s Club of Ashland

Randolph Macon College 125th Anniversary (1955)

Honorary Degrees:

Lists; 1955-60

Honorary Degree/Recommendations

Doctor of Divinity Degrees

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degrees(1965)


R-Macon College and the Virginia Conference of The Methodist Church

University Senate of the Methodist Church 1967

Moorefield District Pledges

Group Insurance-Virginia Conference

Annual Report of the General Secretary of the Education Board of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. (1927)

Living Endowment-Rappahannock District(1931)

Living Endowment – 1940-41

Correspondence Living Endowment 1941

Living Endowment, Lynchburg District 1941

Living Endowment, Roanoke District 1941-43

Living Endowment, Lynchburg District 1942

Living Endowment, Richmond District 1942-43

Crusade for Christ, Methodist Board of Education 1944-45

R-MC Crusade for Christ 1944-48

Crusade for Christ 1944-48

Crusade for Christ, Methodist Board of Education 1945-46

Governance, R-MC Methodist Conference 1940-1953

Moreland, Church Controversy 1951

Governance R-MC, Methodist Conference 1951-52

Conference Relations, Annual Report of the Director of Conf. Relations 1958-59

Virginia Annual Conference M.E. Church, South 1963-66

Assorted Reports to Church and college 1964

Higher Education of the United Methodist Church 1965-66

Bishop’s Convocation 1965

Correspondence (1966) Concerning Bishop Gum’s new car


Assistant to the President – Lambuth M. Clarke

Treasurer- Professor Marshall Jefferson McNeal 

Controller – Carroll Raymond Keyser

Controller – Roy John Ward, Jr.

Registrar, Office --Registration and class schedules 1939-1967

Registrar – Stearns, Elizabeth R. – 1946-1953

Registrar – Armstrong, Sheila – 1953

Registrar – Slocum, Elizabeth O. 1956

Registrar – Report to the Faculty- 1962

Director of Admissions – M. A. Taylor, III (includes picture)

Chaplain – H. S. Southgate (1940-1944)

Chaplain – Haley, Rev. Carl W. (1944-1947

Chaplain – Parker, Robert P. (1948-1952)

Chaplain – Orser, George H. (1953-1956)

Chaplain - Chapel Services 1939-1967

Director of News Services – Michael Houston (1955)

Director of News Services – James R. Bergdoll

Physician – Dr. A. Chambers Ray, Sr. (1907-1939)

Physician – Dr. A. C. Ray, Jr., R-MC Alum, (1938 – 1960)

R-MC Infirmary named after Dr. Chambers Ray, Jr. 


Speakers at R-MC 1939-1967

Speakers at R-MC: James R. Childs Lecture Series

Speakers at R-MC: Kern Lecture Series

Speakers at R-MC: Walter Hines Page Library Lecture Series

Speakers with photos on file:

Walter E. Hoffman

Bishop Fred G. Holloway 

Mac Hulslander 

Frank K. Hefner

Dr. Theodore F. Adams 

Dr. Davie Napier

D.C. Newman

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam

Dr. Theodore Henry Palmquist

John Powel (Baritone singer)

John Crowe Ransom (Poet and Critic)

Rev. Carl J. Sanders 

John Scott 

Guy E. Snavely

Willis Tate 

Homer L. Thompson (archaeologist)

Dr. W. Talifaferro, Jr.

Horace M. Trent

William Troxell 

Dr. Myron F. Wicke

Richard P. Wilbur (Poet)

Henry Irving Willett


Student Evaluation of Scheduled Courses (SGA and ODK 1966)

Rules and Regulation for Student Activities(1934) - Blackwell

Student Conduct and Activities: Concert series 1939-1967

Scholarships offered schools and organizations- (1940-1944)

Scholarships- (1943-1944/ 1947-48)

Ford Scholarship

Student Assistants- Summer term -1944

Student Committee – Committee on Honors Study [Report to the Faculty]

Honor Code 

Student Government Officers- (1945-1952)

Student Government Constitution/Amendments (1953-54)

Form Letters for Students

Clippings-Students Activities(1941-1942)

Insurance- Student Health and Accident- (1946-1948)

Letters of Student Introduction

Big Ten Debaters (1942)

Student Exchange Program – Jahn Kurt 1941

Chapel Attendance (1949-50) – verification

Randolph-Macon Banquet (October 14, 1942)

Student Solicitors for New Students (1942)

Students, Misc. – Moreland-Students

Student Committee – Joint Student-Faculty Committee on Student Life (1956)

Correspondence-Alumni (1940-1954)

Alumni Fund (1947-1951) Financial Reports>Alumni Secretary – Norman Adams (1940-1956) Richard S. Gillis

Alumni Meeting (1942) Honoring Dr. Mastin

Alumni Society-Presidents (1940-1942) H. R. Hill, W. R. Phelps & G. S. Reamey

Alumni “Class of 50-Years Ago” 1890-1940 Graduates from 1880-1943, Graduates by class 1880-1910

Alumni Groups-According to Class 1880-1940

Key Representatives: 1880-1943

Alumni Chapter-Washington D.C. (1941)

Alumni Chapters (1940-1950)

Alumni Banquet-Virginia Conference, Roanoke, VA (Oct 21, 1943)

Alumni Plans and Suggestions (1940-1944)

Alumni Dinner (1954) For Gov. Stanley and Alumni in House of Delegates


Emergency Peace Campaign “Speaker’s Outline 1937

U.S. Army (1940s) includes “U.S. Army Headquarters Third Corps Area” & Reserve Corp 1942-1943; Basic Field Manual and Ground Instructor’s Manual

Army Student Training Program (1943-44)includes copies of R-MC publication Field Jacket

“A Proposed Plan for a One-Year Course for Discharged Soldiers and Civilians” (encouraging completing education vs military service—need for professionals)

Why go to College (Brochure) “Defending our Country” - 1942

Army Specialized Training Unit � 1943-1944

Army Store-Financial records

Army and Navy1942-1943 

Civilian Morale Unit- RMC- E.L. Fox, Director -1942

National and Civilian – 1941-42

Higher Education and National Defense (includes Federal War Agencies – 1941-43

Wage and Salary Stabilization Program

Defense Savings- Treasury Department- 1942-1943

Selective Service System- 1941- State HQ- Colonel Neal and Major Franck

Selective Service System- 1942

Selective Service System-Forms for Pre-ministerial students (exemptions)

Defense- Virginia College Executive Conference(1942)

Army Contract and Working Data Sheets(1943)

Army Reports-(1943)

Paid Army Invoices (1943-1944)

“Priority” Procedures Directions - 1943

War Department and 3rd Service Command

Bulletin, October, 1943 Randolph-Macon Men in Service; Bulletin, February, 1945, Bulletin, March,1946

Defense Council – R-MC (1942)

Misc. ASTU (1943)

ASTU #3322 Report (E.P. Taylor, auditor, May 3, 1944)

Office of Price Administration – Richmond VA 1942

Office of Price Administration – Ashland, VA 1944

War Production Board (1942)

National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel 1944

Correspondence A.S.T.U. 1943-44

National Youth Administration – Correspondence 1941

Scholarships and Concessions—US Army

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