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President J. Earl Moreland
C. Ladell Payne
President, 1979 - 1997

Academic: Colloquies - includes Carl Baskin 1976-1977

Randolph-Macon College Calendar 1996

Academic Advising



Restructured Teacher Education Plan


Asian Studies

Athletic Department




Computer Science



Environmental Studies

Fine Arts


International Relations

International Studies




Political Science



Religious Studies

Romance Languages


Women’s Studies

Special Programs:


Foreign Language Workshop

Freshman Orientation Program

Higgins Academic Center 1996

Honors Program

National Honors Report (1995) Honors at Smaller Colleges–includes Howard W.Davis’s “Elitism and Honors: A Catechism…”

Internship Program – Includes Administrative internship for women


Study Abroad

Writing Center


Inauguration, President Ladell Payne

President’s Office--Ladell Payne 1990-

President’s Office--L. Payne 1979-1989

Self-Report of Performance (Payne 1981)

President’s Office - L. Payne 1979-1997

President’s Office - Payne, Jean T. – Spouse R-MC activities

President’s Office - L. Payne Retirement with video

Presidential Search Committee 1996

President’s Office – Advertisement for new President

Presidential Search File (Result of editing)

President’s Office - Commencement 5/31/98 Citation for the Paynes

Program: An Evening of Celebration and Tribute for Pres. And Mrs. Payne (5/9/1997)

The President’s Society


Amorous Relationship Policy

Drug-free Workplace, 1988

College Sexual Harassment Policy

Tuition Remission Policy, 1980


Observations 1970-1972 - newsletter

Administration – Offices/Centers/Services:

Office of Admissions

Business Office


Office of College Relations (includes Clarence William Gibson, Jr.)

Office of Development

Development: Our Heritage, Our Future…campaign 1980s

Development: Shared Values – One Vision (See “Achieving our Vision” in Martin Files)

Office of Environmental Health and Safety OSHA Information

Office of Financial Aid

Office of Human Resources

Office of Multicultural Affairs (Minorities) – includes “Minorities: Community of Civility.”

Also article The Return of the Invisible Man” by R.M. Harris

Office of Ombudsman

Office of Registrar--Academic Probation

Office of Registrar--Academic Records 1963-1967

Office of Registrar--Calendar Academics

Office of Registrar—Dean’s List

Office of Registrar--Degree candidates

Office of Registrar--Enrollment Statistics

Office of Registrar--Registration/Class Enrollment

Office of Religious Life

Office of Resident Life

Office of Sexual Assault/Response Coordinator

Office of Treasurer

Office of Treasurer--Individuals (A-Z)

Operations and Physical Plant--Director

Public Relations--news releases 1988-

Public Relations – Letter concerning unflattering article by RT-D 2/24/1992

Public Relations – Interview with RT-D, 1994 with Bob Eason

Staff - Individuals (A-Z)

Staff - Employment Information

College - Community Relations (includes Ashland 125th Anniversary Committee)

Ashland/Hanover County:

Ashland, Town of – Deed of Easement, 1984


Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (9/24/1996)



Lady Yellow Jacket Basketball

Field Hockey



Wightman Foundation

Board of Trustees:

Board of Trustees (includes note on June McGraw McBroom)

Board of Associates

Buildings and Grounds:

Buildings, individual

Emergency Management

Estes Dining Hall

Inventory of Property both by RMC Ownership & Connection (1995)

Blackwell House (notes of James Scanlon)

Frank E. Brown Student Center

Copley Construction

Pace Hall

Pannill Hall

Science Building 1968

National Register of Historic Places (Wash Frank Hall Restoration)

Painting and Statuary - Catalogue of American Portraits (The National Portrait Gallery)

Painting and Statuary-Survey of Sculpture in VA, includes R-MC

Original Photographs from Richard B. Davis; Intellectual Life in Jefferson VA

Plans for new campus 1940's - Building Photographs

Proposed Building Plans--Fund Raising Survey Report 1954

Proposed R-MC Building Plans--new campus, administration, refractory, chemistry


Computer Center

Counsel and Career Planning Center – includes “Report on Class of 1980” and “Report on Class of 1981”


Library Building Program

Extension project (1980s) Includes fire alarm control system (10/11/83), sketch of exterior, mini exterior and interior drawings and drawings of exterior of library.

Four video Cassettes (9/1988) and dedication (1988)

Dedication of the McGraw-Page Library, 9/15-16/1988 featuring Symposium:“Tom Wolfe as Literary Phenomenon”

“Suggested copy for Plaques in the McGraw-Page Library”

“Funds & Foundations – Page, Walter H.”

Richard Beale Davis Research Room donations (1988)

Latin Manuscript of Hymns and Psalms (given 1939)

Calendar of Events:

Calendar of Events 1968-1970

Calendar of Events 1970-1974

Calendar of Events 1975-1979

Calendar of Events 1980-1982

Calendar of Events 1982-

Commemorations, Dedications, Special Days:

Sesquicentennial (150th> Birthday) Feb. 1-3, 1980

Sesquicentennial Anniversary Feb. 1-3. 1980

Anniversary Celebrations – Macon Portrait correspondence

RMC History

Committee papers

150th Anniversary Committee

150th Anniversary/ sundial dedication

150th Anniversary 1977-1978, 1980

Sesquicentennial Committee 1979-1980

150th Anniversary 1980


Schedules and Programs

Alumni Day

Black Heritage Celebration

Boydton Day - Oct. 1994

Frank E. Brown Campus Center 1974

Estes Dining Hall Dedication 1982

Porter Hardy, III Court, Oct. 17, 1987


Randolph-Macon College Mace Sept. 1988

McGraw-Page Library 1988

McGraw-Page Library, 9/1988 (video-cassettes tapes)

Parent’s Weekend

Anniversary Day--women at R-MC

25 years of Coeducation at R-MC - Homecoming 1996

Emerson Maintenance Building


Convocations: Fall

Convocations: Honors

Convocations: 125th Anniversary Convocation (February 3, 1955; Founder’s Day)


Commencement- Exercise, Speakers, Honorary Degrees.

Faculty Awards

Student Awards


Ad hoc Committee on Board/Presidential Relations (1983)

Staff- Wellness Committee

Staff - Art Collection Committee, 1996

Faculty Committees – See Faculty


Symposium:“Tom Wolfe as Literary Phenomenon”

Speakers at R-MC

Blackwell Professorship Lectures

Blackwell Series of the Arts, 1992-93

Brown Lectures

CASE (formerly Blackwell Series of the Arts)

Concert Series

Foreign Film Series

C. William Gibson Symposium

Faulkner Symposium

Moreland Lecture Series

OBK Visiting Scholar Lecture Series

R-MC Symposium

SAB Lecture Series

Exhibits- Art Exhibition

Exhibits – Harriet Fitzgerald(paintings, Frank E. Brown Campus Ctr.1/13-2/22/1980)

Howard Pyle and His Student:Works from the Kelly Collection of American

Illustration, R-MC, 1995

Art Exhibits 1996

Lafcadio Hearn National Exhibit (March 5, 1997)

James T. Butler Portrait Presentation(March 2, 1990)

University Center in Virginia


Virginia Legislature 1982-1990

U.S. Department of Education 1984-1988 – Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education of the Committee of Education and Labor; tuition increases; loan defaults

Covenant Review Committee (1984)

Correspondence with Katharine Hepburn


Dean of the College--9/1979--12/1985

Dean of the College--1986-1988

Provost and Dean of the College--1989

Dean of Students

Associate Deans of the College

Associate Dean of Students


Faculty: AAUP

Appointments, Promotions, tenure


Academic Government

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity 1985-1988 Honor Code (1 of 2)

Admissions, Credits, and Academic Status of Students

Attendance Policy

College Life Committee

Computer Advisory Committee


Curriculum Proposals (Women’s Studies)

Curriculum Revision 1961-1967

Dean Search Committee (1983)


On the Faculty


Mission and Purpose

Oral Communication

Personal Computers

Planning Committee

President’s Advisory Committee 1987, 1989

Resources and Plans


Scholarship and Financial Aid

Student Employment

Student Life

Teaching Evaluation


Individual (A-Z):

Beldridge, W. Franklin, Chemistry 1949 - 1983

Fishbach, Michael R.

Fitzgerald, Charlotte Diane (1949-1996)

Owen, Flavia - obituary

Koontz, Earl

Longaker, Jon

Scanlon, James

Watson, Ritchie

Meetings (Schedules, Minutes, etc.)



Teaching Group/GATE



CAUSE (Comprehensive Assistance to Undergrad Science Education)


Randolph-Macon College 1991-1992 “Facts”


Governance: Methodist affiliation

Special Reports:


Self-Studies (Long-Range Plan 1981-1982)

Self-Studies (Long-Range Plan 1987)

Self-Studies (NEH Consultancy Grant)



Correspondence relative to disruptive activities 1982

Freshman Leadership Seminars 10/29/91 and 11/19/91

Photo negatives Senior Class 1993

Scholarship, Memorial Funds (A-Z)

Individuals (A-Z)

Student Conduct and Activities

Student Activities Presents

Honor Code

Student Government Association

Student Clubs

Amnesty International

Chi Beta Phi

Choir and Collegium Cantorum

College Republicans



Debate Team

Drama Guild

Film Society

Fine Arts Society

Fraternities (social)


Hunger Task Force

International Interest Group/International Interest Group

Multi-cultural Affairs Black Student Union

Omnicron Delta Kappa (ODK)

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa - Notes 1950-1983 donated by George Oliver


Political Science Organization

Sigma Pi Sigma


Student Education Association

Students for Understanding and Nonviolence ASUN

Residence Hall Association C RHA

Washington Literary Society

Worship Council


Official College and Student (Fish Tales)

Greek Columns

College and Student Stylus

Stylus Potential 1972

The Yellow Jacket (newspaper)

The Yellow Jacket (yearbook)

Campus Circle


Remarks for Memorial Worship Service – Dr. J. Earl Moreland (2/1/1987)

Introduction of Charles McDowell 3/15/1984

Speeches 1987-97

Speech: How China is seen in the U.S. – Nagoya Gakuin Univ.’s 30th Anniversary

Celebration Program – International Symposium, Oct. 21, 1994

Speech to Harrisonburg Club

Speech to Peninsula Club

Speech to Richmond Club

Gift Presentation – Class of 44’s 50th Reunion Luncheon (5/28/94)

Warwick Rotary April 18, 1994

Poquoson Lion’s Club January 20, 1994

Hampton Rotary Club December 9,1993

City Awards Ceremony of John Hopkins University May 8, 1993

Hanover Club

Baltimore Club

Peninsula Club

Speech: Asia April 1992

Speech:Class of ‘42” (5/29/92)

Speech: Methodist College December 18, 1992

Seminar Troy State University May 20-21, 1991

The Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics 4/28/91

The Korean Church at Greater Washington, 2/24/91

Midlothian High School June 10, 1990

Richmond Rotary Club Sept. 18, 1990

VA Dental Association September 23, 1990

Rotary Talk: The Lion in the Path - May 24, 1989

Accountant Talks March 19, 1987

Ferrum College Commencement May 10, 1987

Phi Kappa Phi - Dr. Payne’s election into membership

Honors, The Honorable, and the Honored, - Samford University

Virginia Wesleyan College Commencement May, 1985

Theatre Party – introduction of “the new people”, about 1984 Flippo, Jones, Kesler.

Gibson, Neal, Rison, Walsh, Evans, Bolte, Cooper, Garris

Speeches - Church Related

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