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President Luther W. White, III
Luther W. White III
President, 1967 - 1979


Barrow Research 1969-70

Co-education 1967-1971

Co-education, consideration (12/18/70)

Co-education – 1971

Co-education – Ltr from Pres. White to Donald S. Parker 12/18/1970 re: the inauguration of  co-education included in the “ten recommendations.”

Colloquies 1969-1973

Computer Science 211-212

Curriculum 1967-68 1968-69

Division of Arts and Letters

Division of History, Bible, Philosophy

Division of Language and Literature

Division of Mathematics and Natural science


Athletic Department 1967-1971

Biology Department 1967-73

Chemistry Department 1967-68, 1970-72

Classics Department 1967-72

Economics Department

Education Department

English Department

Fine Arts Department

German Department

History Department



Music Department

Philosophy Department

Physics Department

Political Science Department

Psychology Department

Religious Studies

Romance Languages

Sociology Department

Eight-College Consortium

Virginia Union Cooperative Program 1969-70

Special Programs:

Brown, Alexander Gustavus Lectures  1967- 1973

Central VA Educational TV - “Americans from Africa: A History”

Special Events General 1968-69

Environment Symposium 1969-70

Energy Symposium 1978; Response to invitations to Energy Symposium

Summer Program and Evening School – (Summer Colloquies) 

UNIAC – United Nations Day 1967-68, 1970-71


Inauguration September 28, 1968

Collective bargaining

Funds and Foundations – Higher Education Act of 1965



Endowment 1967-68

Fraternity Houses 1967-68

State Tuition Grants 1967-68

Financing generally 1970-71

Resignation effective 7/1/1979 (includes Selection Committee)

Inclement weather policy 1977

Participation in Organizations and Associations:

ACUIIS – Association of Colleges and Universities for International-Intercultural Studies 1971-78

American Council on Education 1978-82

Association of Virginia Colleges 1972-73

Association of American Colleges 1978-82

National Association of Schools and Colleges of the Methodist Church 1972-75

Southern University Conference 1967-73

CICV – Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia

State Council on Higher Education 1978-80

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges 1971-74

  Also Report on Randolph Macon 1964-75

State Council on Private School Advisory Commission 1974-75

VFIC - Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 1967-79

VFIC - State Action 1968-70


Report of President White to Board of Trustees – July 1978

Draft - A Compendium of Suggestions and Recommendations for

Improvement of R-MC (around 1976)

Report of Trustee Committee to Review Ad Hoc Appraisal Committee (1975)

Thirty Recommendations of the Southern Association for the Improvement of R-MC: A Review of Progress Made Toward Implementation (1976)

Tuition Exchange Program 1969-70

Vietnam Moratorium (Oct. 15, 1969)

Administration – Offices/Centers/Services:

Office of Admissions

Admissions statistics

Dissenting argument to motion in Joint Committee on Future Plans and  Fundraising

CEEB – College Entrance Exam Board - 1973-74

GRE Scores and Profiles 1968-70

Office of Financial Aid

Scholarships 1967-70

Scholarships and financial grants 1968-69

Shenandoah College Scholarships 1971-72

Computer Center 1969-72

Registrars Office 1967-68

Report of the Registrar – 1970-1982

Registration Class Schedules

Vocational Guidance and Counseling Program 1967-68

Staff General 1967-73

Health Services




Offices of Information Services 1967-73

Development:  Vision

Ashland/Hanover County:

Ashland-R-MC Council [Town-Gown], includes the Resolution, August, 1968

Ashland-Hanover 125th anniversary committee


Athletic Task Force 1975-76

Intervarsity Program

NCAA 1978-80

ODAC – Old Dominion Athletic Conference

Board of Trustees:

Trustees, Individual

Commission on Enrollment 1969-70 (Commission to study enrollment, includes 10 year comparison of admission statistics.)

Committee on Nominations 1976-77

Committee on Nominations Honorary Degrees 1969-75, includes procedure for recommending honorary degree candidates.

Committee on finance 1976-78

Committee on Investments and Finance1967-75

Board of Trustees 1976-79

Attrition Committee 1976-77

Athletic Task Force 1975-76

Reports 1968-76

Report of President White to Board of Trustees – July 1978

Minutes 1943-1966

Commemorations, Dedications, Special Days:

“A Tribute to Marion Watkins Herget” 3/15/69

Ground Breaking New Science Building 3/29/79

Alumni Banquet and Alumni Day 1971

Dinner Honoring Drs. Webb, Blincoe, Roberts.

Founders Day 1968, 69, 70 and 1976

Arts Festival 1967-68 1971-72 1972-73


Commencement 1967-74


Correspondence includes letters to and from President White. Letters are filed alphabetically     by last name of either sender or recipient.

Correspondence discussing the Spring 1969 visit of Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) to R-MC     campus including President White’s response to Clay’s visit


Dean of College - H.E. Paris

Dean of Students


AAUP – American Association of University Professors

Collective Bargaining

Virginia Conference – AAUP

Burns, Jr. Harris (Computer Center Director)

Seymour, Betty J. [First full-time woman R-MC teaching faculty member, 1971]

Ambassadors in residence 1967-68

“Pacific Parameter Study Project” 1971-72 

Committee on Assemblies and Special Events 1968-73

Commission on Enrollment 1969-70 (Commission to study enrollment, includes 10 year comparison of admission statistics.)

Faculty- General 1967-74

Scholarship Committee 1969-70

President’s Advisory Council 1969-73

Self Study (faculty committee on salary, benefits, professional development, working conditions)

The Sciences and Randolph-Macon 1967 (study by science faculty)

The College 1967 (overall statistical study on college)


Higher Education bill of 1972

Legislative Action (1970 Appropriations Bill, Labor -HEW House Ways and

  Means Committee) 1969-70


VA Conference Board of Laity 1974-75

VA Conference Association of Educational Institutitons 1979-80

VA Annual Council on Ministries 1974, 75-80

Board of Education 1974-77

VA Annual Conference 1974-75

University Senate 1974-77

National Commission of UMC Higher Education

NASEUMC Snowmass Consultation

NASEUMC Annual Meeting – 2/4-5/79

General Board of Education  1974, 1975, 1980

Division of Higher Education and Campus Ministry

Committee of Higher Education – VA Conference 1974-75

VA Methodist Historical Society

R-MC Publications:

Board of Publications (student & faculty)

Breakthrough (student – Science)

Fish Tales  1967-68, 1971-72, 1974-75-1980 (student handbook)

News Release 1980-82

Political Science Student Organization Newsletters and Journals – 1977-79

Yellow Jacket 1974-75-80  (student newspaper)

R-MC Bulletin 1972-75 (alumni publication)

Publications About R-MC:

Invisible Colleges: A Profile of Small Private Colleges with Limited Resources, published    by Carnegie Commission on Higher Education,1971-72

State of Readiness Audit – conducted by outside vendor

Publications, Other:

Publications - General 1974-75-80

Higher Education and National Affairs 1874-75-80 (newsletter from American Council on Education)

Southern Regional Educational Board 1974-75 - newsletter

Trustee 1974-75 (newsletter for trustees and administrators in church-related higher education)

Virginia Advocate 1974-74-80  (Methodist publication)


Society of Alumni (1973)

Assemblies 1967-69

Campus Unrest:

Spring Protest, 1970 (1969-1970)

Protest 1971 (1971-72)

Legal 1970-71 – 1971

12/71 article in Richmond Times-Dispatch concerning student reaction to President White’s talk on moral values in girl’s dorm and to the college visitation policy.

U.S. District Court Review of Student Discipline in Tax-Supported Institutions of Higher Learning

Parents Organization 1973-74 1979-80

Circle K 1971-72

Clericus 1967-68

Conduct appeal Board 1970-71

Conduct Council 1969-70

Dining Committee 1971-72

Fellowship 1967-68

Franklin Forensic Society 1968-69 1971-72

Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi 1967-68 1971-72

Kappa Alpha 1967-68-70-71

Kappa Sigma 1967-68 1971-72

Lambda Chi Alpha 1967-68-71-72-73

Phi Alpha 1967-68

Phi Delta Theta 1967-68 1971-72-73, including  Membership Records, Chapter Roll of Honor notebook

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1967-68-71-72

Theta Chi 1970-71

Pi Delta Epsilon 1971-1975

Freshmen 1972

Freshmen 1968-72 1968-69 1971-72

Freshmen 1967

Honor Code 1970-71

Intervarsity Program

Omicron Delta Kappa 1967-68 1971-72 1972-73

Parents Correspondence 1967-73

Peace corps 1967-68

Phi Beta Kappa 1967-68 1971-72 1972-73

Pi Gamma Mu 1968-69

Recommendations 1972-73


Student for an African Philosophy 1971-72 1972-73

Student Conduct 1969-73

Student Correspondence 1967- 73

Student Retreat 8/23-24/69

Homecoming 1970 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74

Upperclassmen 1968-69-70-71

Washington Literary Society 1967-68 1970-71

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

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