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Armchair Traveler: Home

If you can't travel in-person, go virtually by reading, watching or cooking your way there. Take a look below and find a place to go today and maybe another tomorrow!

Brrrrrrr! It's cold outside! Travel somewhere else by reading a book, watching a film or cooking a meal. 

Many of these links require logging into your R-MC account.

Books @rmclib

Person reading an eBook on a tablet near a fire

Do you prefer printed books or eBooks? These two lists will help you find selected travel-related titles in your preferred format. You'll find fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and historical, soccer and science, and even a few guide books to plan your next adventure!

For printed books located @rmclib, click the link in the list, login with your R-MC account to place a hold, wait for an email notification confirming that it's ready, and drop by to pick it up OR you may visit the library to find the book and check it out yourself.

All you need to do is login and click the button "View eBook" on the book's page.

Streaming Videos

Virtual Touring Websites


How about travelling by eating? Pick a country and try some of it's signature recipes!