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Ribbon page for Printing



A printer being used by a female student.

Printing, copying, and scanning to USB or email are free to all members of the R-MC community. We use a cloud-based print management system called PaperCut to reduce waste and protect user privacy. Because of this, print jobs must be released from the printers.

More printing information can be found here.

Printing from your own device

Two printers being used by two students.

  • To print from your own device, install MobilityPrint by following the
    instructions on Mobility Print's website. 
    • Note: You must be on RMC network to open this page.
  • Open the file on your computer and print it through the LibraryPrinting on PAY4PRNT printer.

Printing from the Library

A printer being used by a female student.


  1. Log into a library computer using your RMC credentials.
  2. Open the file on the computer
  3. Send it to the LibraryPrinting on PAY4PRNT printer.


Copying and Scanning

A student using a printer

  • Scanning & copying can be done on either the printers or by using the Book Scanner. Both are located on the Library's 1st floor.
  • Scanned files can be saved to a flash drive (USB) or can be emailed to any email address.