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R-MC Library Starting Guide: Spaces

You just got to campus, here's a quick listing of things you should know about McGraw-Page Library.

Your space

We have two floors:

  • 1st floor is talkative, with lots of tables for you to spread out, plug in your computer or phone, or display your work on a wall mounted computer monitor. Journals/Magazines, background sources, DVD's and CD's are on this floor.
  • 2nd floor is quiet, with lots of spaces for you to hunker down and read or study. We also have study rooms complete with dry-erase boards and computer monitors for your laptops. Books, R-MC Archives & Special Collections and a computer lab are on this floor.

Please be respectful of the other folks nearby. Did you just stay up way too late working on that argumentative essay? We won't wake you if you take a nap.

Reserve a Room

On the second floor, there are several study rooms, which you can reserve ahead of time. Click the button below to start a reservation:

Library floor maps

first floor map, RMC library
second floor map, RMC library