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R-MC Resources for Online/Hybrid/In-Person Learning During COVID-19


If R-MC has asked students to shelter-in-place, the spaces on this page are unavailable. Please view the "Library Research from Off-Campus" tab to learn how to access our resources and services during this time.

Getting out of your Dorm Room!

Most spaces that have been available at Randolph-Macon College in the past are still available. They're just socially distanced now, so you need to follow some basic safety guidelines. Guidelines below for the Library are similar to the guidelines you'll find across campus.

  • Wear a face covering whenever you are indoors and not in your dorm room or private office. Face coverings are not required outside, unless you cannot maintain 6 ft of physical distance between yourself and others. If that is the case, a face covering should be worn.
  • Maintain 6 ft of physical distance between yourself and others at all time.
  • Do not eat or drink indoors except where specifically permitted (as this requires you to remove your face covering).
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering or exiting a space or after touch shared surfaces (door handles, elevator buttons, stair rails).
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly. 

Help Protect the Hive!

Spaces Around Campus

Because of COVID-19, there are a few changes to using the McGraw-Page Library this fall. Learn more here.


Study Rooms

Study rooms are located on the second floor of the Library. While they are not soundproof, these rooms have doors what close, offering a lot of privacy. They can be used for online classes or private conversations such as counseling or doctor appointments. During the coronavirus, we ask that only one person use the study rooms at a time, and face coverings are required in study rooms at all times.


Use this link to pick a study room (some have windows!) and reserve your day and time.


Study Carrels

image shows a large study carrel with high sides and a chair, numbered C1Study carrels are individual desks located throughout the second floor of the McGraw-Page Library. Some offer a lot of privacy, others are more open and less private.

A small number of carrels can be reserved using this link: 




Boothsimage shows booth seating in the library with plexiglass across the table.

The booths located on the first floor toward the back of the Library are some of the most popular study spots in the building. They are currently outfitted with plexiglass so that two people can study at one table simultaneously. Booth seating is first come, first served and cannot be reserved at this time.



image shows a large table with one chair located on the first floor of the LibraryTables of various sizes are located throughout the Library on both floors. A small number can accommodate two studying individuals during coronovirus. Most can only fit one while maintaining 6 ft distance. But you can still study with your friends, because some of our tables are located in close by others. It's not quite the same as crowding around a table to share notes, but not as isolated as a study room can feel!image shows a table surrounded by whiteboards

While some of our tables are near whiteboards, the Library also has a number of portable whiteboards that you can drag anywhere in the building (yes, even take them in the elevator!).


24/7 Study

images shows tables and chairs spread out in the abernathy 24/7 study spaceNeed to get out of your room to focus? The 24/7 space in the Werner Pavilion is accessible by fob all night long. There are bathrooms and vending machines, just please remember to step outside to eat your snack.