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R-MC Resources for Online/Hybrid/In-Person Learning During COVID-19

About Zoom

Zoom logo

Zoom is a video conferencing application available to R-MC faculty, staff and students via Zoom Professional licenses and Zoom Basic licenses through ITS. With Zoom you can attend classes, meet with classmates about group projects, and just hang out virtually, anytime and anywhere. You may be able to record Zoom sessions for review later, if permitted by the meeting host.

This page provides information on using Zoom for R-MC classes and activities:

Activate Your Zoom Account

***ALL R-MC accounts must be activated***

If you do not activate your account, you will not be able to join class sessions through Canvas or use other features. If you activated your account in the spring, it is still active.

To activate your account:

Join a Zoom Meeting

You can join a class Zoom session through Canvas (R-MC's learning management system) or directly through the Zoom website or application.


Join a Meeting from a Canvas Course

Zoom is available within Canvas, and is visible in the course navigation (left side of the screen).

***You must activate your account to join Zoom meetings in Canvas. (See Activate Your Zoom Account instructions above)***


  • Students should click the “Join” button in Canvas, or join through the meeting invitation provided by the instructor.

zoom link in Canvas and link to join zoom class meetings


While a course instructor can schedule and start a video conference from inside the Canvas course, students cannot schedule or start a Zoom meeting from inside Canvas. 


Join a Class Meeting Using a Meeting ID

Most instructors use Canvas to schedule class Zoom meetings. You must have your account activated in order to join them inside the Canvas course site.  You can use the Zoom Meeting ID to join a class session.


Join through the Zoom Desktop Application

1. Open the Zoom Application on your computer.screenshot of SSO signin

2. Select Sign in with SSO. Then enter rmc for domain,  
and sign in with your R-MC username and password. 





highlights Join icon in zoom app for joining meetings with a meeting ID
3. Click the Join Meeting icon


4.  Enter the meeting ID or personal link name you received from the meeting host


5. Select whether to connect your video and audio


6. Click Join.




Join through your Browser

1. Navigate to Chrome and Firefox browsers work best.


2. Sign in with your R-MC username and password.


highlights join a meeting link in zoom

3. Click Join a Meeting in the upper right corner of your screen


4. Enter the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name and click Join


Use Zoom on your Mobile Device

You can easily join or host Zoom meetings on your mobile device.

1. Download the Zoom application from the Google Play or the App Store

2. Open the app and click Sign In, and select SSO.

Zoom sign in Mobile

3. Enter rmc for domain. Login with your R-MC username and password.


To explore additional features, visit:

Zoom Tools

Try these tools to have a better Zoom experience with your classes, classmates, or friends! There are links to instructions after each listed item. Both video instructions and written instructions are provided when available.


  • Present information by sharing your screen to show slides, pictures, and more (video | text located beneath video)
  • Annotate on a shared screen or whiteboard (text)
  • Ask others to share their screens to present (video | text located beneath video)
  • Poll attendees to check their understanding using the Zoom desktop client (video | text located beneath video)
  • Group participants into Breakout Rooms for discussions or projects using the Zoom desktop client (video | text located beneath video)

Host a Zoom Meeting

You can host and schedule meetings through the Zoom application or your browser. View more options here.


Use the following instructions to schedule a meeting through your browser. Chrome and Firefox work best.

1. Go to and click the Sign In button. homepage with sign in button highlighted

2. Sign in using your R-MC username and password. This may not be required if you are already signed into the network on another application

3. Click Schedule a Meeting near the top right corner of your screen. highlighted schedule a meeting link on website
4. Enter a clear topic or title for your meeting in the Topic field.  

5. Choose when to start your meeting and the duration of the meeting on a given day. 

zoom office hours duration settings

6. Check the box next to Recurring Meeting if this meeting will happen regularly.


7. Select the frequency of your meeting using the Recurrence and Repeat every dropdown menus.


8. Check the boxes next to the days of the week on which you will hold your meetings.


9. Select an End date for the last date of meetings (often this corresponds to the end of a project, semester, or school year.)


zoom office hours recurring options
10. Choose other settings as you desire, but be sure to check the box next to Enable waiting room to help keep your meeting secure. This will allow you to only admit participants you recognize. zoom office hours enable waiting room option shown
11. Click the blue Save button at the bottom.  
12. Copy the Invite Link to share with meeting participants.  invite link for a zoom meeting

To schedule through the Zoom app, open the app and select the Schedule icon. Then complete the steps outlined above.

highlights Schedule icon in Zoom for scheduling meetings

Zoom Security

You can prevent Zoombombing and other interruptions by putting some security measures in place when you are scheduling Zoom meetings.

  • Schedule through or Canvas, instead of the main Zoom site (
  • Login to Zoom with your R-MC username and password, rather than using your Facebook or Google accounts. 
  • Keep Zoom updated. Updates come out frequently and should be installed immediately.
  • Do not post links to Zoom meetings in public forums (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, or a personal webpage).
  • When you schedule Zoom meetings, select
    • Only authenticated users can join (only current R-MC community members can join), or
    • Require a meeting password (anyone with the password can join, include off-campus guests).  


Zoom Support

Zoom has thorough documentation covering basic and advanced features, and their guides are usually available in both video and text formats. If you have questions not addressed in this page, please visit their support page to learn more.