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McGraw-Page Library: LNAP


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Fall 2020 Session I LNAP was held on September 30, 2020 via Zoom. Looking for this kind of help? Review the information below on ways in which the McGraw-Page Library, Higgins Academic Center (HAC) and Wellness Coaches can support you during Session II and throughout your time at R-MC!


The McGraw-Page Library and the Higgins Academic Center (HAC) are excited to host the Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP) for our fifth semester!!  The goal of LNAP is to help you connect with the help you need to better prepare final projects, papers, and exams. 


Join us online this semester to meet with tutors, coaches, research librarians, and others to get help with:

  • Finding/ Evaluating Sources
  • Creating your Thesis
  • Proofreading your Work 
  • Preparing a Speech or Presentation
  • Organizing your Exam Schedule
  • Improving your Study Habits
  • Planning for Upcoming Assignments


Don't need that kind of help? Join us for some focused work time, whether you want to study, write, proofread, translate, or just have accountability and encouragement to get stuff done! Join our PowerHour+ and employ the Pomodoro Technique* to get your work done in preparation for finals.


LNAP is an opportunity to use support that exists all semester long! HAC tutors, reference librarians, wellness advisors, and writing tutors AND MORE are available throughout the semester, not only right before finals. Check out the information below to learn more about the support that is available.


*The Pomodoro Technique helps you manage your time by using a timer to break down projects, studying, or other work into 25-minute, focused intervals separated by 5-minute breaks.

HAC support

The Higgins Academic Center is here with Subject Tutoring, Writing and Speaking help and College Strategy Tutors.

Subject and Writing/Speaking tutors are available to meet virtually, and can help you with:

  • Class specific help on assignments, homework, tests, etc.
  • How to study better
  • Subject specific help for writing a paper
  • Proofreading a paper

If you've never used tutoring before here's a 30 second video on how this looks! You can make an appointment for both Subject Tutoring and Writing/Speaking Tutoring using the button below

Make Tutoring Appointment

College Strategy Tutors are also able to meet virtually and can help you with:

  • Examine your work/study process
  • Time management habits
  • Help with current difficulties or barriers to your success
You can make an appointment with a College Strategy Tutor by clicking the button below.


Make Strategy Appointment

Don't miss this carefully curated selection of Student Resources to help while working on your projects!

Resources for Students

Don't forget to meet the HAC directors! They are here to help you succeed academically and on campus.

Library support

The McGraw-Page Library is here to support you in your research during this week of fighting procrastination.

You can chat with someone for help with these topics, or anything else you might need help with by clicking the button below:


The library has also put together a guide that can help you while off campus, and while we're all dealing with extraordinary life changes. Study tips, connecting with others and career help are all topics covered.

> Student Student Success Online <

1-minute tutorial thumbnail

Still not sure where to start your research project? This quick one-minute video should help you on the right path.

Wellness support

Here's a quick video of some simple suggestions to make it through this stressful period of the semester.
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If you would like to get in touch with a Wellness Advisor, you can: