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McGraw-Page Library: Thank you seniors!

Graduating Seniors

The McGraw-Page Library cannot run without the help of our many student workers. Unfortunately for us, each year we lose many to graduation. We would like to shine a spotlight on them and their wonderful help.


Molly Karaman

Hometown: Sherburne, NY

Majors: Latin & Archaeology

After R-MC Plans: work in Admissions & higher education!

Favorite Memory: In my Freshman year, my Greek tutor would host these study sessions the night before the tests! She'd ask us questions, and if we got it right she would give us gourmet candy she received from a mail subscription she had from a candy store! I've never consumed more candy in one sitting in my entire life.


Liz Majewski

Hometown: Hopewell, VA

Majors: Criminology and Asian Studies

After R-MC Plans: Attending the University of Virginia Curry School of Education and Human Development to pursue a Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Favorite Library Memory: All of the time I was able to spend studying with my friends and sisters, even if it took all day or all night


Kirsten Tate

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Majors: Math and Computer Science, Minor Cybersecurity

After R-MC: Work as a cryptanalyst, study Math in graduate school

Favorite Library Memory: The book tree during the holidays