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Makerspace provides opportunities for students and faculty to interact with digital fabrication and traditional crafting tools for design, creating and prototyping, as well as working with emerging technologies. Priority is given to teaching, course assignments and research activities, while other creative projects are also welcome. 

We are located in McGraw-Page Library. Our operations hours are Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5 PM. Walk-ins are welcome!


The Makerspace staff provide training and assistance in the design and use of the following projects and systems:

3D Modeling & Printing

3D Modeling & Printing

3d Printing

Read our blog for an overview of 3D modeling and printing.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

poster printing

We offer poster printing for R-MC sponsored research projects and academic events. Visit this page for

  • Guidelines & File Submission
  • Poster design instruction and tips
  • Template downloads

Button-maker, Sewing Machine and LEGOs

Sewing Machine and LEGOs

lego image

Use the sewing machine and build your LEGO projects during our operation hours. We showcase creative LEGO projects.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


We have two Quest and one VIVE headsets for class and personal use. Our simulations/VR experiences include:

  • Virtual Speech (for practice presentations and interviews)
  • Traveling while Black
  • Beat Saber
  • Apollo 11 (Space Walk)

We also teach students to create VR using Unity.   Read more...

Audio/Video Recording and Production

Audio/Video Recording and Production

Makerspace AV production

Visit this page for

  • Audio Editing & Podcasting
  • Video Production & Storytelling
  • Recording Screencast and Presentations

Media Equipment Loan

Equipment Loan

Button Maker


Use the button-making template to design your own buttons. We provide supplies.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter

laser cutter

Graphic & Website Design

Graphic & Website Design

makerspace graphic design

Visit information on:

  • Graphic Design
  • Creating Website & ePortfolio
  • Web-based Tools for Digital Storytelling


Contact us

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Brian Faggin Batista, Educational Technology Specialist

Lily Zhang, Head of Instructional Design & Technology


Fabulous Student Assistants:

 Carolyn Hill

 Luke Fletcher

 Danyelle Sandiford