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McGraw-Page Library: Equipment



Below is a list of equipment that can be checked out from the Library Information Desk. Checkouts are generally for 3 days unless otherwise noted.

Equipment list

Audio Equipment

Blue Snowball Microphone

Blue Snowball Microphone

Plugs into a USB port for high quality audio recording.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti Microphone

Plugs into a USB port for high quality audio recording.

a handheld microphone on a counter

Shure Handheld Microphones

Compatible with XLR output cables.

A Voice Recorder sitting on a counter

Sony Voice Recorders

Allows for recording of personal voice memos.

A clip on microphone sitting on a counter

XLR Lavaliere Microphone

Clip-on microphone that is useful for filming interviews.


A Canon EOS 5D Mark ii camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR Camera

High-powered camera for taking still photos and video. A training with a Makerspace staff member is required before first checkout.

A digital camera on a counter

Canon Powershot Still Camera

Shoots standard definition still images.

Epson document camera

Epson Document Camera

Captures photos and video from above

Computer Accessories

A USB CD-ROM drive on a counter


Optical drive for playing CD's and DVD's. Compatible on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

A USB-C Adapter for Mac computers

USB-C Adapter for Apple Devices

Plug in your cables to your Mac laptop

A computer mouse sitting on a counter

Logitech Wireless Mice

Comes with USB wireless dongle.

A webcam sitting on a counter

Logitech Web Camera w/Microphone

Plugs into USB port in your computer. Can be used for video conferencing or simply audio recording.

A set of computer speakers on a counter

Bose Speakers

Connects using a 1/8" audio jack


A Dell Latitude Laptop on a counter

Dell Latitude Laptops

Available for 48-hour checkout for students.

Presentation Tools

An LCD projector on a counter

NEC Screen Projector

Display using DVI or VGA from your computer onto a screen. Not compatible with HDMI.

A slide advancer on a counter

Slide Advancer/Clicker and Laser Pointer

Used to aid in computer slideshow presentations.

A bag of presentation clickers with four clickers spread in front

Classroom Student Response System

Pairs with Microsoft Powerpoint to gather real-time analytics from a presentation audience. Sets of 22, 25, 30, and 40 are available.


An Apple iPad on a counter, propped up on a stand

Apple iPad Minis

Portable tablet that comes installed with a set of stock applications. Additional application purchase requires patron to sign in with their own iCloud account.

A Wacom Drawing Tablet and a stylus on a counter

Wacom Drawing Tablet and Stylus

Plug-and-Play USB device that can be used for drawing using illustration applications on your computer.

Video Cameras

An insta360 panoramic camera

Insta360 360° Camera

Take panoramic photographs and videos that capture moments in 360°

Canon Vixia video camera on a counter

Canon Vixia HD Video Camera

Shoots high definition video and takes still images. Compatible with our tripods and lavaliere microphones.

Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone)

A DJI Phantom 3 Drone flying in midair

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Requires prior approval from Campus Safety (Details here)

Must be trained by Makerspace staff before first use.

Checks out for one day.

Virtual Reality Headsets

An HTC Vive headset and two controllers sitting on a counter

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Only available during Makerspace Hours

Must be trained by Makerspace staff before first use

A Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset with a smart phone sitting on its front flap

Google Cardboard VR Headset

Use your smart phone to view 3D video and applications. Requires installation of 3D applications. Checkout only includes the cardboard.