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Makerspace - Policies and Space/Equipment Usage

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Makerspace Policies
The Makerspace usage priority is given to teaching, course assignments and research activities. Other creative projects are also welcome, and we are also open to consultation and technical support on all projects.

By utilizing the space and it's equipment, you're also agreeing to abide by the Student Conduct Code. Any and all equipment from inside the Makerspace can only be checked out by either the Front Desk or the Makerspace Staff.



Fall 2022 Hours: 10 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday


Space and Equipment Use: Priority is given to classes and academic projects. 

Poster Printing

$5 / linear foot


Non-academic posters require advanced  approval from Makerspace Staff.

3D Printing

Printing for class projects is free (upon confirmation from the instructor).


For non-class projects, first print free (pending approval from Makerspace Staff)


Following prints: $0.35/gram of material, $2 minimum

Laser Cutting

Printing for class projects is free (upon confirmation from the instructor).


$3/ft2 of plywood; Bring-Your-Own-Material is possible, but must be approved by the Makerspace staff in advance.

VR Room

The VR Room is open while the Makerspace is open.


Any student or staff can reserve the room using the Library Spaces room booking. Link here:

Tools Loaning

Tools located inside the Makerspace are limited to be used in the Makerspace.


Removal of any tools must be approved by Makerspace Staff.

Button Maker

The Button Makers are not available to loan out.


They will be available as long as the Makerspace is open and staffed, and require training prior to use.


Training is free and provided by Makerspace Staff and Student Assistants.