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McGraw-Page Library: Printing, Copying, Scanning

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Printing, Copying & Scanning

Printing, Copying & Scanning

The library has two multi-function printers, capable of printing, photocopying and scanning. These are located on the first floor of the McGraw-Page Library across from the Information Desk, and are available during regular library hours. There is also a black & white only HP LaserJet printer located in the Werner Pavilion (24/7 space).


All students receive a $10 printing credit at the start of the academic year. After that credit is used, costs are:

Printing per side: B&W = 12¢, Color = 35¢
Photocopying per side: B&W = 12¢, Color = 35¢
Scanning to USB or email: Free

Color and double-sided options must be chosen from the computer's printing preferences before sending the print job to the printers. All library computers default to black & white, double-sided printing.


Shows papercut MF navigation menu with an arrow pointing to the Add Credit option at the bottom


Adding Funds


You can add funds to your PaperCut account using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover debit or credit cards. To add funds:

  1. Navigate to This site is only accessible on the R-MC network (on-campus or through VPN).
  2. Login with your R-MC username/password.
  3. Click Add Credit on the left side of the screen.
  4. On the next screen, select the dollar amount you want to add and click the green Add value button. We recommend adding funds in small increments (see below).
  5. On the next screen, enter your credit card information and click the Pay Now button.




Users can print from any library computer or from their personal laptop, iPhone, or android device. 

To print from a library computer, users must log onto a computer using their own account (if you sit down at a computer that is already logged in, please logout and login as yourself). Send the print job to the Library Printing on Pay4Print queue. This will allow you to release the print job at any of the three printers located in the Library.

The print job is held in a queue until it is released from one of the release stations located next to the printers. Funds for the printers are handled through PaperCut. All students begin the year with $10.00 (83 pp. b/w) of printing credit.

To print from a personal device, you need to install or activate Mobility Print.

  1. Navigate to Mobility PrintThis site is only accessible on the R-MC network (on-campus or through VPN).
  2. Follow the steps on the screen to install Mobility Print on either a PC or Mac laptop. If you have a Chromebook or other device, please click the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen. Note: Printing from smartphones and other personal devices is still being tested.
  3. Print your job to one of the 3 Library printers per the steps above and release the job from the release station near the printer you selected.


Scanning can be done on the multi-purpose printer/copier/scanner machines located across from the Information Desk on the first floor of the Library. Instructions on how to scan items are available on the printers. Scanned items can either be emailed from the machines to any email address or saved to a user-provided USB drive.

There is also an open book scanner located on the far side of the main stairs. Instructions for using that machine are located next to it. Please ask library staff if you need assistance!


Large Format (Poster) Printing

The Makespace can facilitate academic large-format printing. All jobs are printed on 36” satin paper at a cost of $8 per running foot.