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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: OneNote

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About OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook tool. It can be integrated into your Canvas course, or used as a stand-alone application. OneNote is part of R-MC Office 365, and can be accessed and managed through the user's OneDrive App or the R-MC intranet. All documents and collaborative work in OneNote are automatically saved and sync'ed in one’s R-MC OneDrive. (Note: It has been reported that sometimes there is a system delay in saving documents in OneNote. Student collaborations on OneNote may not be saved or sync'ed in a timely manner.)


This page provides information about:


Accessing OneNote


You may download the OneNote App. Alternatively,

  • Login to OneNote by first logging into Office365 at using your R-MC username & password.
  • Within Office365, click on the "waffle" icon in the top left to access additional Microsoft Apps, including OneNote.

OneNote access from Office 365 "waffle" icon in top left corner. OneNote is highlighted, third from the top in the righthand column of Microsoft apps.

Student Collaboration with OneNote

Steps to integrate MS OneNote into Canvas:


1) Obtain the Key and Secret for your Canvas Integration:

     Go to There you will -

  • Sign into using your R-MC username and password

  • If this is your first time using the integration (OneNote Class Notebook), select “Register a new LMS”

    • Give a name (e.g. your last name, no one will see this information except you) 

  • If you used the OneNote Class Notebook integration before, select the link "View/Manage" 

  • You will be given or see the Key and Secret. You will need to copy the Key & Secret codes, and then paste them in your Canvas course. You can use the registration Key and Secret for all your RMC Canvas courses, across semesters. 


2) Set up the integration in your Canvas course. The Integration appears as “Class Notebook” in the course Navigation. (Start the video at 02:30.)

Using "Class Notebook" in Canvas

  • Microsoft resources on Class Notebook

  • Adding and Managing Class Notebook: Video tutorial (not specific to R-MC Canvas)

  • The instructor may set up collaboration groups through the Canvas “People” link. The groups are carried over into the "Collaboration Space" in Class Notebook feature.