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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Flipgrid

Flipgrid Logo 

About Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform from Microsoft that helps educators see and hear from every student in class and foster a fun and supportive social learning environment. In Flipgrid, instructors post discussion prompts and students respond with short videos, whether they are learning in class or at home.


To set up your account:

  1. Navigate to Flipgrid's Educator Login at
  2. Login with your Microsoft (R-MC) account
  3. Start creating!

Using Flipgrid

Learn how to:

  • Get started with Flipgrid (video | text below video)
  • Integrate Flipgrid into your Canvas course; scroll down for details

View ideas for using Flipgrid in a college classroom

  • Remote Learning in Higher Ed with Flipgrid (text)
  • Review these additional ways to use FlipGrid (text)

Flipgrid Canvas Integration

Flipgrid can be integrated in your Canvas course. Students can access it from within the course and their submissions can be graded in Canvas.


Follow the steps below to install the Flipgrid - Canvas Integration and use it in a Canvas course:

1. Sign up or sign into your flipgrid account. You may use your R-MC username and password to sign up.

2. Create the Consumer Key and Shared Secret: refer to the instruction

3. Install the Integration in your Canvas course: see the instruction

4. Use the integration in the course: instruction

Further reading - FAQs, limitations, etc