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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Kahoot EDU

Kahoot EDU

  Kahoot EDU icon 
Kahoot! EDU

About Kahoot

Kahoot is an interactive system for student engagement and formative assessment, used in online and in-person teaching. Instructors can sign up for free Kahoot accounts. The College has obtained a limited number of Kahoot EDU licenses as pilot. The EDU version allows importing slides from PowerPoint, and importing questions from a spreadsheet. Compared to the free account, Kahoot EDU offers more question types and templates for polling and quizzes. Additionally, student reports can be combined to assess progress over time.  

Accessing and Using Kahoot EDU

Currently our Kahoot! EDU licenses are allocated to instructors who expressed interests in the pilot. They will be re-allocated at the beginning of Spring 2022. Faculty who receive a license will get an invitation in R-MC email.

Clicking the “Join” button, you will be taken to the Kahoot! site. Select type “Teacher”. Assign yourself a password (not your R-MC password). On the Welcome page, select “United States”, Zip code “23005” and school name “Randolph-Macon College”. Click “Save and Continue.” It is a good idea to bookmark the Kahoot EDU opening screen –

Following the screenshot below for getting started.

Kahoot EDU - getting started

Complete your profile by clicking “Complete application” (Dot 0 in the screenshot). Numbering below corresponds to the dot number in the screenshot.

  1.  Play demo game – see how Kahoot! works
    1b) Click “Learn more”, or watch the Kahoot! tutorials.
  2. or 2b) Create a Kahoot – there are templates for you to choose from.
    2c) Create collection – organizing your Kahoots by topic, function, etc. You may access your collections from “Library” in the horizontal navigation (the arrow in the screenshot).
  3. or 3c) Host Kahoot – have students respond to your Kahoot, and see the report.