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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Kialo-edu



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About Kialo edu

Kialo Edu is a custom version of Kialo ( the world's largest argument mapping and debate site, specifically designed for classroom use. Its clear, visually compelling format makes it easy to follow the logical structure of a discussion and facilitates thoughtful collaboration. Kialo’s mission is to promote well-reasoned discussion online, and to that end, Kialo is free for educators to use.

To get started:

1. Navigate to and Sign Up to create a free account. 

kialo-edu sign up


2. Click Create Discussion to start your discussion. 

kialo-edu website with the create discussion button highlighted

3. You can customize the following options:

  • Private (only invited people can see the discussion) or Public (anyone can find, view, and offer suggestions on your discussion)
  • Single Thesis or Multiple Thesis
  • Discussion Title and Background, and Tags can be added (optional) 
  • Images

4. Invite participants and let the debate begin!