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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: OneDrive


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About OneDrive

OneDrive is part of Office 365, the Microsoft suite that includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams. R-MC faculty, students, and staff enjoy unlimited cloud storage using their R-MC username and password. Documents in this storage space can be shared with others and accessed wherever you have internet access.


This page provides information about:


Watch this video for a complete introduction (2:34 min)

Accessing OneDrive

1. Login to OneDrive at using your R-MC username & password.

2. Within OneDrive you can create many types of new documents, including Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, and also create new Folders to help you stay organized.



3. You can also upload individual files and whole folders into OneDrive.

shows upload options of files and folders



While you can continue to access OneDrive through the SharePoint site, you can also sync OneDrive to your computer (learn how: PC | Mac). This allows you to access the files and folders stored on OneDrive as if they are just another folder on your computer, even when your computer is offline (though you will not be able to sync your files to Sharepoint without an internet connection). 

highlights location of OneDrive sync on a pc

More information about OneDrive is available from ITS.

Sharing from OneDrive

Any file or folder stored in OneDrive can be shared with others.

If using OneDrive in Sharepoint (using your browser), click the three dots to the right of the file name and select Share.

highlights share feature in onedrive on sharepoint


If using OneDrive synced on your computer, right click the three dots to the right of the file name and select Share.

share highlight on onedrive synced on a computer


After selecting Share, the next steps are the same for OneDrive regardless of whether you are accessing your files on your browser or your computer.

The default settings allow anyone with the link to edit the file or folder you want to share. If you need to limit access, you can select to limit:

onedrive sharing settings



  • who can access your file (anyone with a R-MC account, people with existing access, or only select individuals)
  • what those with access can do with your file (uncheck the edit box to make your file view only)
  • whether those who can see your edit your file can also download it


While not allowing your file to be downloaded may seem like the most secure option, it can have implications for those with internet connectivity issues, who may need to download files when they have internet access to study or view when they may not have that access.


Apply your desired settings and then either enter email addresses to share the file directly, or Copy Link to link the file or folder in Canvas or another location.


how to share a link from OneDrive


Share the file through Canvas to students.