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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Using Zoom


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Microsoft Teams has replaced Zoom for teaching, learning and other online meetings.


Replaced by Microsoft Teams at RMC

Please direct Zoom licensing questions to ITS ( RMC Users continue to have access to the free, basic license of Zoom for holding and joining Zoom conferences. The free version offers limited functions, including 40-minute length per session and recording to the a local drive. Without obtaining a Pro license from ITS, the instructor cannot use Zoom from a Canvas course.


The information below shows how to use the essential functions of the Basic, free version of Zoom:

Login: go to and sign in using your RMC username & password.

Download the desktop App.

Using Zoom: 

  • Schedule a meeting (outside of Canvas): Zoom's video tutorial and text instruction
  • Join a meeting: Zoom's video tutorial and text instruction
  • Record the meeting to a local drive: Zoom webpage (on that page scroll down to "User" section)
  • Locate the recording in your local drive: Zoom guide
  • Save the recording file on OneDrive or GoogleDrive to share with students

Please visit the Zoom support/user guides.



Visit information on Microsoft Teams Meetings for holding and joining online meetings.






Visit: Index of Tutorials


 Teaching Toolkit Homepage















For PRO license holders only


Zoom is used by a limited number of programs on campus. The instructor from the programs must obtain a Zoom Pro license from ITS ( in order to access Zoom from inside a Canvas course.

How to Access Zoom in a Canvas course:

  1. From Modules, select a module to house the Zoom link. We recommend placing Zoom in a frequently used module. 
    Click the “Add” icon.

    Select a module to add the item (zoom)
  2. From the drop-down list, at the bottom select External Tool.  Click the button Add item. 
    Add external tool
    On the screen that follows, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Zoom.  Click the button Add item.
  3. Zoom is added to the module! Make sure to publish the module item (green dot with a check mark).


The added Zoom link works exactly the way as it did in the course navigation. Only one Zoom link is needed for a Canvas course.