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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Zoom Office Hours

Zoom Office Hours in Canvas


Scheduling and sign-up for online office hours involve three steps:

  1. Schedule a recurring Zoom meeting.
  2. Set up office hour registration (for students to make reservations) in Canvas.
  3. Help students sign up for available office hour timeslots.

Hold Office Hours on Zoom (following the link)


Schedule a Recurring Zoom Meeting


Choose Method A or Method B to schedule a Zoom meeting:


Method A: In Your Canvas Course: 

Assuming the online sign-up form is for students enrolled in different courses and your advisees:

First, from your Canvas dashboard, select the button Start a New Course (located on the right-hand side; similar to the screenshot on the right). 

Name the course (e.g. Prof. Doe's Office Hours).

Next, in the new course, enable the Zoom link in the new course.

Start a new Course button


Then click on the Zoom link in the course navigation. On the next screen select the button "Schedule a New Meeting".

You are taken to the scheduling options screen.


schedule a new meeting button when clicking on Zoom link in a Canvas course

Method B: In Your Zoom Account


Go to and click the Sign In button.


Sign in using your R-MC username and password. This may not be required if you are already signed into the network on another application.

Rmc zoom signing screen


After you sign in, click Schedule a Meeting near the top right corner of your screen. 

You are taken to the scheduling options screen.


Schedule a meeting link in Zoom account


Scheduling Optionsscheduling options with steps marked


1) Provide a clear Topic. 


2) Enter a description as needed.


3) Skip "When" and "Duration".  Select Recurring meeting.


4) For Recurrence, select NoFixed Time.


5) For security, enter a Passcode. You may want to change it periodically; remember to inform students of the change.


6) For security, check Waiting Room.


7) Leave Video "off" (Video is off when the host or participant initially joins the meeting.)


8) For Audio, be sure to select Both.


9) Leave these options unselected.



On the bottom of the screen, click the blue Save button.



On the following screen, be sure to copy the Invite Attendees or Invite Link for use with the Canvas Scheduler tool. 




Next step: Set up office hour registration in Canvas


Set up Office Hour Registration in Canvas


Assuming the "Office Hours" Canvas course you have created is used for your students enrolled in various courses and for your advisees, you will need to "enroll" them in the manually created course.

In the "Office Hours" Canvas course, from the "People" link, enroll your students and advisees by

  • Clicking the "+People" button
  • Typing the student email addresses into the box, separating them with commas.
  • Clicking "Next", and confirm.
  • Remember to Publish the course.

Do a quick testing of the Calendar tool in the new course by:

  • Clicking "View Calendar" link on the right-hand side
  • In the calendar, clicking to add an "Event". Adding a tester event (E.g. "Testing the Calendar", for today 9:00 - 9:05 pm).
  • Clicking "Save".

Setting up Appointment Slots for Students: 


1. In Canvas, click Calendar from the Global Navigation menu on the far left.

Global navigation calendar    
2. Click the + button on the top right on the screen. highlighted plus sign to add appointment group to calendar canvas calendar

3. Click the Appointment Group tab at the top right of the pop-up window.


4. Name: E.g. "Dr. Doe's Office Hours"


5. Location: You may simply enter "Zoom; see details", or enter the Invite Attendee or Invite Link information you have copied.


6. Calendar: Click "Select Calendars". Make sure your desired courses (including the "office hours" course) are checked. (It is possible to set office hours for multiple courses!)  Click Done button.


7. Date and Time Range: Click the calendar icon to select the date, and enter a time range for that day. Move to the next line to add another day and time range. Repeat this so you have all the days and times when you will hold office hours. We suggest you schedule your office hours month by month because once the days and times are entered, changing them will most likely involve deleting the Appointment Group. 


8. Decide how many minutes you want each appointment slot to be. Click the Go button. 

Canvas appointment group scheduler

9. The appointment slots are populated. Scroll down to browse them. You can click the X next to the slot to remove it if needed.


details of office hour scheduling in canvas

10. Options: Enter a limit in the box next to users. (Limiting to 1 user is recommended unless these will be group appointments. 


11. Details: If these are Zoom meetings, paste the Invite Attendee or Invite Link information you have copied when scheduling the Zoom meetings. 


12. Click the blue Publish button on the bottom right. The appointment slots are now available for your students.


To edit or delete an Appointment Group, go to the Calendar, click on an appointment in that group and select the Group Details link. Make changes or delete the group. Learn more.




Previous step: Schedule a recurring Zoom meeting

Next stepHelp students sign up for available office hour timeslots.


Help Students Sign up for Office Hours

1. Students should click Calendar in the global navigation.






2. Select Find Appointment under the small calendar on the right of the screen.

global navigation Calendar


3. Pick the appropriate course from the Select Course window that pops up.  
4. All available appointments appear in dark colors and can be selected. Booked appointments show as lighter colors and cannot be selected. available appointments in Canvas
5. To make an appointment, click on an available appointment. Add comments, topics, or other details about the meeting in the Comments box. Click Reserve reserve an appointment in Canvas dialog box
6 Click Close under Appointments on the right side of the screen to close appointments button to close appointments in Canvas
7. Only reserved appointments appear on the student's Canvas calendar. shows reserved office hours on a calendar

** The Instructor may view the reserved appointments from Calendar in the global navigation. Time slots that have been reserved by students will show as a solid color. Click on a reserved time to see the student's name.


Hold Office Hours using Zoom


You may start the meeting either in a Canvas course or by signing into 


Method A: Start the meeting in Canvas:


Canvas course Zoom

In your "Office Hour" course or any other current Canvas course, select the Zoom link, and select All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings.

Click the Start button to the far right of the "office hours" link you are about to hold.




 Or, Method B: start the meeting in your Zoom Account:

Go to and click the Sign In button. homepage with sign in button highlighted
Select Meetings from the Zoom navigation on the left. This shows all scheduled meetings. meetings link in Zoom
3. Click the Start button to the far right of the office hours you are about to hold. Start button highlighted for scheduled Zoom meeting
4. Choose which students to admit into the meeting from the waiting room by clicking the Admit button to the right of the student’s name on the top right. (While in the waiting room, students will see the message "Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.")
5. To remove a student before admitting another student, click the More button to the right of the student’s name and select Remove or Put in waiting room
6. When you are finished with your meeting, click on End Meeting at the bottom right of your tool bar. You will then have an option to end the meeting for everyone, or just for yourself.



Credit for these instructions goes to the Cornell University Center for Teaching Innovation, accessed June 17, 2020.