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Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness


"Disability, visible or invisible, can happen at any point in a person's lifetime. As individuals, we experience disability differently.  Increased awareness invites opportunities to change how disability is perceived, end stigmas and promote expanded appreciation as a natural part of human diversity."


Do you have specific questions or concerns while attending Randolph-Macon College? Connect with the Office of Disability Services (DS), whose mission is to "foster an inclusive campus climate through education, service, collaboration, and outreach to the Randolph-Macon community. We provide support for students with documented disabilities by promoting equal access to all programs and services."

The books chosen for this guide are a sampling of what is available. Search the online catalog to find thousands of other resources.

Inclusiveness at school and at work

Non-Fiction Print Books at McGraw-Page Library



Fiction in Print, includes Juvenile

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