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Canvas logoCanvas ( is the learning management system used at Randolph-Macon College. Most RMC faculty use Canvas to manage and communicate with their classes, posting the course syllabus and other documents; and requiring students submit assignments and take online quizzes on Canvas. 


canvas logoCanvas Studio, a system inside, can be used by students to manage media and record their own presentations for courses.

About Canvas

This page covers these Canvas topics for students:

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TOPIC What is it about?
How do you access RMC Canvas?
  • On the web or through mobile devices
  • Not getting Canvas announcements in time?

Find Your Canvas Courses 

  • A course is missing from your dashboard?

Content inside a Course

  • Cannot find course documents or Powerpoints?

View Your Grades

Assignments, Quizzes & Discussions
  • Warning about using the Canvas App for assignments
  • Canvas Studio for submitting media assignments
  • Preparing the computer for taking a Canvas quiz

Calendar and Appointments


User Security

  • Cannot sign into your Canvas account after
    lending your laptop to a friend?

Report a Problem (for troubleshooting)

  • How to get quick support




Getting Started with Canvas

Accessing RMC Canvas 


On the Web:

  • Use Chrome or Edge for Mac and PC. Safari and other web browsers may cause problems, especially for important tasks such as submitting assignments, taking quizzes and posting to discussions online. Be sure to keep Chrome or Edge up to date. 
  • Bookmark on your computer web browser! Google search for "rmc canvas" or something similar may take you to a wrong login page. On the correct webpage, sign in with your RMC username and password. 

On Mobile Devices:

  • Download the Canvas Student app from the App Store store. If prompted to "Find my school", type "RMC". Login with your RMC username and password. Alternatively, sign into and from the global navigation, select "QR for Mobile Login".


Not getting course announcements in your RMC email? New to RMC Canvas?

First, know your Canvas Dashboard.

Next, Set up Notifications. Here you get to choose how often you are alerted when an instructor posts an announcement or an assignment, or makes a change to your course. Recommended selections are "immediately" or "daily" for important communications, such as Announcement and Due date.

  • Emails from RMC Canvas <> may end up in the Junk Email folder of your email account. Learn how to manage Junk Email in your RMC email.

Last, edit Account Settings including your Canvas Profile.



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Find Your Canvas Courses


Find Your Canvas Courses


After you sign into Canvas using your RMC username and password, you will see your Canvas Dashboard, where the classes you have registered for appear as course cards. 

If one or more courses are missing from your Canvas dashboard, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Some instructors do not publish their courses until a few weeks into the new semester. Unpublished courses do not appear on the student's Canvas dashboard. You should reach out to the instructor to confirm the course is published.
  • You have recently registered for the course. It takes one to two business days for the systems to update your course registration. To request quicker access, email; be sure to include the instructor's name, the course number and course name in your email.
  • When the semester is over, all courses are archived. The student cannot access an archived course with the exception that the course Instructor has granted an Incomplete grade. In that case, the instructor will make arrangements to extend the student's access to the Canvas course.


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Content in a Canvas Course

Course Content

Instructors design Canvas courses differently. In a Canvas course, Modules are most commonly used for organizing the course content and assignments.

You may also find course information such as the Syllabus and PowerPoint presentations on the Course Home page, or from these links: 

  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Pages
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments 
  • Files

Email the instructor if you cannot locate course documents, assignments or files inside the course.


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Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions


View Your Grades


Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions in a Canvas Course


 Important notes about using a Mobile Device for assignments, quizzes and discussions

 Please note the Canvas Student app does not fully support some important functions, including

  • signup for appointments in Canvas course calendar (how to sign up for appointments)
  • taking an online quiz in Canvas
  • submitting an assignment
  • posting to discussions

  For the above activities, use a current Chrome or Edge web browser.




  • How to submit in Canvas
  • More info: Tutorial in video and text
  • How do I know if the system has received my submission?
    • The confetti showering down on your screen means your submission has gone through;
    • You can also View Submission.


   Scan a multi-page document into a single file:

  • Learn how to do it on a mobile device 
  • After you scan the document, email or share the file with yourself so that you can use Chrome or Edge on a computer to submit to an assignment, take a quiz or post to a discussion thread.



 Canvas Studio for a media assignment:canvas logo



   Learn how to take an Online Quiz in Canvas 

   Technical preparation for taking an online quiz:

  • Make sure Chrome or Edge is up to date on the computer.
  • Close extra browser tabs.
  • Clear your browsing data (How do I do that in Chrome | in Edge?)
  • Quit (exit out) other apps on the computer.






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Calendar and Appointments

Calendar and Appointments

  • Using the Calendar (Video | Text)
  • How to sign up for Appointments scheduled in Canvas. Note: you must use a web-browser for sign-up. The App does not work.



Security and Reporting Problems

User Security

Log out of the network when you finish using a library or lab computer.

Additionally, if you lend your computer to your friend for accessing Canvas, you must do these before and after the lending:

  • log out your Canvas account,

  • clear out the cache of your web-browser (PC users | Mac users), and

  • exit the web browser.



Reporting Problems

Using Chrome on a computer, sign into Canvas and click the Help icon help icon (on the far left, the Global Navigation) and select "Report a Problem".  In the report be sure to

  • include the course number and name
  • describe when you were doing what and what problem occurred.


Can't access a course you have registered for?  Refer to Find your Canvas courses.




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Student Guides for All Canvas Tools: in text & video


Guides for the student App: Android iOS Apple