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Primary Sources Guide

How to find primary source materials in the McGraw-Page Library in a variety of disciplines

Primary Sources Guide

Primary Sources in the Sciences

Primary Sources

Primary sources in the sciences document original research written by the person or people who conducted the research. They are often published in academic journals or presented at conferences. These publications and presentations are the first time the research is shared, so it contains new data or information and the author(s) detail their methodology and their results. However, primary research does not interpret the data or information it presents. It remains strictly factual.

Primary sources are also often called original research articles, primary articles, primary research, and research studies. Many scientific databases contain a mixture of original research, review articles, and systematic reviews. Review articles and systematic reviews are not primary sources.

If you're unsure whether a source is primary or not, or have any other questions about research in the sciences please get in touch with a friendly librarian.

Primary Source Databases in the Sciences

Finding Primary Sources in the Sciences