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Student Success Online Guide

Student Success guide

Student Success Online Guide

Looking for resources to help you to be a successful student?

This guide focuses on resources that promote strategies for becoming or continuing to be a successful student. The guide includes a mix of online, in-print, and in-person resources that are available. Weblinks include Randolph-Macon College resources as well as those from the wider global community. Most of the eBooks listed here are available only to the current Randolph-Macon College Community. You will need to log in with your RMC credentials. RMC faculty and staff included in this guide are available as outlined on their respective web pages.

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And remember, be sure to check with your healthcare professional before beginning any new activity that may impact your current physical or mental health treatment plan.

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Information Literacy Film Series

Information Literacy Film Series

Become information literate! Not sure what that means? Watch this short series of videos to learn what it is and how becoming information literate will help you both as a student and in your future endeavors.

Selected eBooks

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