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Student Success Online Guide

Student Success guide

Student Success Online Guide

Read this first!

If you have existing physical or mental health issues, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new activity that may impact your current treatment plan.

Visit the R-MC student health center online to find out about their services or call 804-752-3041 to make an appointment.

Explore the offerings at the Brock Sports and Recreation Center. They have a lot to offer.


Self-Care Playlist, TED Talks

eBooks - Full-text online from the R-MC Library

Cover Art Mind-Body Workbook for Stress

Coping with Change, Full-text eBooks from R-MC Library

Cover art Struggle Well, Live Well

Study Snacks!

Photo of granola bars nuts strawberries


photo of yoga class students

Coping with Change - Web Resources

Virtual Outdoors

Get Outdoors - Virtual Edition!

There are so many places to visit with the help of YouTube! Explore and create a list of places you'd like to see! Here's National Geographic's - The Best of Yellowstone to get you started!


Things to do