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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Canvas Studio


Canvas Studio

About Canvas Studio


Canvas Studio turns one-way, passive video into two-way, inclusive, productive discussion. It allows RMC Canvas users to record, edit, caption, and manage media. Information on this page is main for RMC instructors.

Watch Canvas Studio Overview for Instructors (4:47), and  Overview of how Students can engage with Studio (2:30).


Students: Please visit how to use Canvas Studio for assignments.


This page provides information for instructors on:

  • Accessing Studio in
  • Record and edit lecture captures with Canvas Studio  (Text | Video)
    • Troubleshoot Screen Capture problems
    • The media Editing Tool in Canvas Studio is only available for the Screen Capture function, and BEFORE the screen capture is uploaded to the user's Studio Library. The Editing tool does not work for uploaded videos or  imported YouTube / Vimeo media.
  • Record Webcam Captures with Canvas Studio  (Text | Video)
  • Add Closed Captioning to videos with Canvas Studio  (Text | Video)
  • Add quizzes and interactions to a video in Canvas Studio  (Text | Video)
  • Import YouTube and Vimeo and upload videos into Canvas Studio and Manage your Studio Library for Canvas courses (Text | Video)
  • Embed Canvas Studio media and video quizzes into a course  (OverviewTutorial in Text )


Additional topics are available (Text | Video), including:

  • Add and reply to media comments
  • Use analytics
  • Adding Canvas Studio media assignment in a course
  • Grade media assignments in SpeedGrader
  • Using Studio as a student to submit assignments 


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Access Canvas Studio


Canvas Studio is accessible through RMC Canvas. 

Navigate to and login with your RMC username and password.


Accessing Canvas Studio from your Global NavigationUser's Global Navigation includes Studio


We recommend instructors and students access Canvas Studio from their Global Navigation to create and edit screen capture, and to manage videos (including lecture capture, YouTube videos and uploaded videos) for their courses.


It is only from the Global Navigation that the instructor can create quizzes to videos in his/her Studio Library. Refer to tutorials (Text | Video) on adding quizzes.





Accessing Studio from the Course NavigationStudio in course navigation


In a Canvas course, Studio in the course navigation is only available to the Instructor. Students do not see the link. The course instructor can add and record new videos/screen captures for the course, which become part of his/her Studio library, accessible from the Global Navigation. The instructor cannot create quizzes to media here, but can incorporate in the course media that have quizzes already added.





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Incorporate/Embed Canvas Studio Media in a Course

The Course Instructor can embed Canvas Studio media to a course in the Rich Content Editors ("Pages", "Assignments", "Discussions" & "Quizzes"). 

In the Rich Content Editor interface:

  • Choose the "App" icon (marked as #2 in the screenshot below), and select "Canvas Studio" or "View All" (then select Canvas Studio). 
  • Select the media in your Canvas Studio library.

RCE (new version) embedding video


If the media you select has quizzes created for it, you will choose between "Standard embed" or "Video Quiz embed". When you select "Video quiz embed" (see the screenshot below), you will select a quiz from the drop-down list. Click the "Embed" button.

choose standard or quiz embet


Refer to the Canvas Guide on incorporating media into a Canvas course.


embed Studio media in a moduleWe do not recommend this method, but the Course Instructor can also embed Canvas Studio media into a course Module.

When adding a module item, from the drop-down list select External Tool, and then select Canvas Studio. Be sure to check the box "Open a new tab". Then on your following screen, select the media from your Studio Library, and choose Standard Embed or Video Quiz Embed. Click Select or Save to finish the process.





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