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Primary Sources Guide

How to find primary source materials in the McGraw-Page Library in a variety of disciplines

Primary Sources in the Social Sciences

Primary sources in the Social Sciences include reports of original research, often published in scholarly journals or books; first-hand accounts such as manuscripts, correspondence, diaries and autobiographies, interviews and other first-hand accounts; legislation, court cases, and other legal documents; news stories contemporary to the events; objects, artifacts, and images; or research notes, raw data and statistics.

Databases and Collections

Journal articles and books containing reports of original research may be located using the various subject databases in each field of study at Research Guides by Subject. For news sources, see the Newspapers, News Magazines, and Television News guide. Included below is a selection of databases and sites with other types of primary source material. For a more comprehensive listing of databases covering social, economic, and political history, see the Primary Sources Guide for the Humanities.

Statistics and Data Sets


Data Sets

Films and Videos