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Subject Specialist Contact Information Subjects Covered
Tim Berge, Student Success Librarian, subject librarian for the Natural Sciences & English. Headshot in front of the RMC fountain

Tim Berge


Phone: (804) 752-3713

Office: 118, First Floor



Subject Librarian for:
Natural Sciences and English, including:

Astronomy/Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, ENGL 185, English, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics, R-MC Staff

Nancy Falciani-White, Library Director, subject librarian for the Health Professions ties. Headshot

Dr. Nancy Falciani-White


Phone: (804)752-7256

Office: 112, First Floor


Subject Librarian for:
Health Professions, including:

Nursing, Physician Assistant

Laurie Preston, Head of Digital Resources & Scholarship, subject librarian for the social sciences. Headshot in front of the RMC fountain

Prof. Laurie Preston


Phone: (804)752-4718

Office: 115, First Floor


Subject Librarian for:
Social Sciences, including:

Anthropology, Black Studies, Communication Studies, Economics/Business, Education (Library Resources), International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Lynda Wright, Head of Collection Services, subject librarian for the Humanities. Headshot in front of the RMC fountain

Prof. Lynda Wright


Phone: (804)752-4712

Office: 114A, First Floor


Subject Librarian for:
Humanities, including

Archaeology, Arts, Asian Studies, Classics, Film Studies, History,  Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre

Lily Zhang, Head of Instructional Design & Technology. Headshot in front of the RMC fountain

Prof. Lily Zhang


Phone: (804)752-3216

Office: 123A, First Floor


Specialist for:
Instructional Design; Blended Learning & Digital pedagogy;
Research tools & technology support

Subject Librarians by Subject

Anthropology Laurie Preston x4718
Archaeology Lynda Wright x4712
Arts Lynda Wright x4712
Asian Studies Lynda Wright x4712
Astronomy/Astrophysics Tim Berge x3713
Biology Tim Berge x3713
Black Studies Laurie Preston x4718
Chemistry Tim Berge x3713
Classics Lynda Wright x4712
Communication Studies Laurie Preston
Computer Science Tim Berge x3713
Criminology Laurie Preston x4718
Economics / Business Laurie Preston
Education (Library Research) Laurie Preston
Education (Instructional Technology) Lily Zhang x3216
Engineering Tim Berge x3713
English Tim Berge x3713
Environmental Studies Tim Berge x3713
Film Studies Lynda Wright
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Laurie Preston x4718
History Lynda Wright x4712
International Studies Laurie Preston
Mathematics Tim Berge x3713
Modern Languages Lynda Wright
Music Lynda Wright x4712
Nursing Nancy Falciani-White x7256
Philosophy Lynda Wright x4712
Physics Tim Berge x3713
Political Science Laurie Preston
Psychology Laurie Preston x4718
Physician Assistant Program Nancy Falciani-White x7256
Religious Studies Lynda Wright x4712
R-MC Staff Tim Berge
Sociology Laurie Preston
Theatre Lynda Wright x4712