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Makerspace Student Worker Guide


Makerspace Student Worker Guide

Greet the patrons:

"Hi, welcome to the Makerspace, how may I help you?"

  • Be friendly and courteous: "please," "thank you," etc.
  • Listen to the patron without interruption. 
  • Repeat the caller's question to clarify what they are asking before you provide an answer.

Recording your Interactions:

READ Scale Form

  • Any interactions with patrons should be recorded on the form.
    • Read Scale Level Descriptions:
      • 1= No specialized training or knowledge is needed for answering the question (e.g. "Where is HAC?");
      • 2= Minimal specific knowledge or skills needed (1- or 2-step process);
      • 3= Some effort and specialized knowledge or skills needed (3- or 4-step process);
      • "Referral"= The answer requires more complicated skills and/or knowledge. Please communicate with your supervisor on Teams or email.