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Makerspace Student Worker Guide


Makerspace Student Worker Guide

Monthly duties:

  • Monthly Reports
    • Write a monthly report on your own activities and submit it by the first week of the following month.

      • e.g: February reports are due in the first week of March. 

      • Sample can be seen here

  • Attend the Monthly Makerspace meetings (scheduled at the start of the semester). These are mandatory and only excused in the case of emergencies and/or previous notice at least 24h in advance.


Daily duties may include any of the following:



  • Check out/check in Makerspace equipment alongside Library Front Desk.
  • Greet and offer tours of the space for patrons.
  • Answer basic informational, directional, and Makerspace policy questions.
  • Provide Makerspace equipment support as needed
  • Assist Front Desk with any requests coming from them.
  • Help organizing the space
  • General organizational and office work.
  • Report maintenance and security concerns to supervisor.
  • Log in any patron activity on the Read Scale. The QR Code link is on your desk. 


Class, Workshops and Events

  • Assisting with events, class and workshops is non-mandatory, except stated otherwise.
    • Any time spent working for the Makerspace, be it training, events or any other situation, will be paid.
  • Be respectful, attentive and patient with patrons as you'd like done to yourself.



  • Assist with special projects, creative design and creation.
  • Assist with opening and closing procedures.
  • Other duties as assigned.