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Makerspace Student Worker Guide


Makerspace Student Worker Guide

Scheduling Information

You are responsible to work your scheduled hours.

  • These hours were determined at the beginning of the semester and agreed upon by you.
  • The schedule has been emailed out to you, there's a copy on the Teams channel, and a printed copy can be located posted right by your Makerspace desk;
  • PLEASE NOTIFY your coworkers on Teams if:
    • 1. You are ill and unable come to work;
    • 2. You have an emergency;.
    • Reach out to the Makerspace Manager by email/text. If unreachable, contact the Circulation Manager;


Inclement Weather

  • When classes are in session, the Library will try to open regardless of the College’s decision to close for inclement weather. However, the regular library hours may vary depending on the severity of the weather.
  • In the event of a college closing, the Makerspace Manager will contact all student workers through Teams that day to inform them of the changes. Unless they hear otherwise, all students are expected to report to work as usual. You are our first line-sometimes staff is unable to drive in.

Shift Changes

  • Students are expected to be on time for all shifts.
  • You are not to leave the Makerspace unattended until the person scheduled to work the next shift has arrived.
    • If you have to leave due to class, and no other staff member is present, close the Makerspace. Please refer to the How to Close the Makerspace guide for instructions.
  • Use the sign-in sheet on the desk to sign in and out, as well as using ADP.
  • If the person who works after you is late, it is your responsibility to contact him/her (schedule and contact sheet are on the bulletin board).
  • Notify the Makerspace Manager of any problems regarding shift changes.

Schedule Changes

  • All schedule changes must be communicated to the Makerspace Manager, who will note them on the Microsoft Teams.
  • Use Microsoft Teams for communicating any shift changes. Please ping / tag the Makerspace Manager on the post (Type in @ and the first name of the Manager to tag them)


  • If you are scheduled for 4 consecutive hours or more, you are eligible for a 15 minute break during your shift.
  • You may not take your scheduled break in the first or last 15 minutes of your shift.
  • You should not take your break during peak busy times. Wait for it to calm down before taking your break.
  • See How to Step Away From the Desk for procedure.
  • Inform your supervisor if you are taking your break during daytime hours.