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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Google Drive


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About Google Drive

Google Drive is part of R-MC's Google Suite (or G-Suite) that includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc.. R-MC faculty, students, and staff enjoy unlimited cloud storage using their R-MC username and password. Documents in this storage space can be shared with others and accessed wherever you have internet access.


This page provides information about:


Watch this video for a complete introduction (1:53 min)

Accessing Google Drive

1. Navigate to click Sign In. Sign in using your R-MC username & password.

highlights log in button at


NOTE: If you use Gmail or Google Drive for your personal business, you may not see the Sign In button but instead will see an image associated with your personal account. To access the unlimited storage associate with R-MC's Google Suite, you will need to login with your R-MC credentials. Learn How (Text)

2. Click the square next to your initial in the upper right corner and select Google Drive.

drive option highlighted among other google apps

3. Click the New button to create new documents and folders or to upload whole folders or individual files. Within Google Drive you can create many types of new documents, including word processing documents in Google Docs, spreadsheets in Google Sheets, presentations with Google Slides, or surveys with Google Forms. 


+ New button highlighted in Google drive                        highlights upload and create options in google drive


While you can continue to access Google Drive online, you can also sync Google Drive to your computer (learn how: text). This allows you to access the files and folders stored on Google Drive as if they are just another folder on your computer, even when your computer is offline (though you will not be able to sync your files without an internet connection). 

Using Google Drive in Canvas

Image showing how to use Google Drive in Canvas through the rich text editor features


The Google Drive app in Canvas is also known as Google Assignment LTI or GoogleDrive 1.3. This app allows the instructor to embed and insert files from his/her GoogleDrive into Canvas pages and modules.

Edits on a Google document are updated automatically in Canvas. Students can submit files from GoogleDrive for assignments, which can be graded in SpeedGrader. More information at the Google Support site. 

In the Rich Content Editor, select the “App” icon (Dot 2 in the screenshot) and choose “View All” (Dot 3). Then select “Google Drive (LTI 1.3)” to get started.

Sharing from Google Drive

Any file or folder stored in OneDrive can be shared with others.

Right click on the file you want to share and select the Share option.

share option in google drive


The default settings allow restrict access so that no one can access your file unless you provide the link. It is recommended that you limit this access further so that only individuals from Randolph-Macon College who have the link can access your file.

private google drive sharing

To change access settings, click Change link to Randolph-Macon College, and click Viewer to determine whether those with the link can view, comment, or edit

google drive share to rmc users with setting permissions highlighted

Additional settings available in the top box allow you to determine what additional privileges are available to those who can view, comment, or edit your file.
more permissions options in google drive

 While not allowing your file to be downloaded may seem like the most secure option, it can have implications for those with internet connectivity issues, who may need to download files when they have internet access to study or view when they may not have that access.


Click Done to apply your desired settings and then either enter email addresses to share the file directly, or Get Link to link the file or folder in Canvas or another location.