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R-MC Faculty Teaching Toolkit: Student Project Tools


Student Projects (Individual/Collaborative)



Many of the tools you use can also be used by students who want to create media, collect data, or collaborate on group projects. Consider incorporating some of these tools into your assignments.


  Assignment Type Collaborative or Individual? Integrated into Canvas?


Canvas "Collaborations" feature

Word, PPT & Excel Collaborative


canvas studio logo

Canvas Studio

Media Primarily individual Yes

flipgrid logo


Discussions, polling student peers Primarily individual No

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive & Google Suite

Individual or collaborative documents, sheets, forms, slides, file storage Either Only Google Docs is integrated into the Canvas Collaborations feature

loom logo


Video production, limited editing Primarily individual No

Microsoft Teams

Group projects, group chat, video conferencing, shared documents Primarily Collaborative No

OneDrive & Office365

Individual or collaborative Word, Excel, PowerPoint, file storage (Microsoft) Either No

Panopto logo


Video production, editing, presentations Primarily Individual No

piktochart logo


Templates infographics, posters, pictograms, or images Primarily Individual No

adobe spark logo


Videos, websites, social media posts, other media & design Either No
wix logo Website & poster design Either No

YouTube logo


Video hosting Primarily individual No

Zoom logo

Presentations, group meetings Primarily Collaborative Yes