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R-MC Resources for Off-Campus Learning

Provides tutorials and support for using R-MC from off-campus. Last updated Spring 2020.

HAC assistance

Classes have moved online but that doesn't mean you can't get support. The HAC is still here, just virtually!

Check our Instagram page for updates and tips:

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General tips

Here are some tips that can help you be a great online student:

  • Establish a good workspace and keep that space consistent
  • Stay on top of your syllabus
  • Engage in conversations online, either in message boards or video conferencing
  • Stay organized
  • Be disciplined to do work at the same time every day; hold yourself accountable
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Manage time wisely
  • Stay in communication with your classmates/peers and Instructor
  • Seek help when needed

You may end up with more writing assignments during this time, if that is the case you should check with the Communication Center for writing help.

The University of Minnesota has a great site that covers more tips in detail:

Studying at home

Studying at home can be harder than being on campus, here are some tips to achieve success:

  • Make a plan - this can involve looking at your syllabi and seeing where you need to be in a live session, and when you can work outside of the class. Fill a calendar with when you're free to study, but also don't forget to give yourself some free time too.
  • Find a space - you should know if you need silence or a little commotion to best study. Find one solid place that can support your learning style, and stick to it.
  • Install all the software - classes online may require more detailed software. Check with your instructor to know what you'll need, then check with ITS to see how to install it.
  • Communicate with your instructors - not being face-to-face makes communication harder. Step up your communication by checking out the Communication page.
  • Don't do this solo - you have a peer group while you're on campus, connect with them. Start using Zoom or MS Teams or Skype to get class help or simply to catch up.

Modified from Study International:

Subject Tutoring & Writing/Speaking Help

Subject Tutoring and writing/speaking consultants will continue virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Tutoring will be “by appointment only” while the campus is continuing virtually. The tutor will contact the tutee prior to the scheduled appointment to establish communication. You can request tutoring by booking an appointment using the button below:

Schedule a Tutoring/Writing/Speaking Appointment

Disability Services

The Disability Support office can still provide materials and accommodations to students, but at this time is not proctoring exams or tests. An email was sent March 13th from our office titled "Disability Services and Moving Classes Online" - this covers all relevant information and answers any questions you should have.

Please check the HAC Instagram page for any up to date information, or refer to the Office of Disability Support's main site for any other help.

Advising assistance

This will go along with the better communication part of your new off-campus life. If you have a question about your course load, or withdrawing from a class - you have to talk with your advisor! Email them first and they may start a video conference to work our your situation. Communication is vital!

Please check the HAC Instagram page for any up to date information, or refer to the Office of Advising Resources's main site for other help.

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