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R-MC Resources for Off-Campus Learning

Provides tutorials and support for using R-MC from off-campus. Last updated Spring 2020.

Online Tools help

Tutorials and FAQ for online tools

These are links to student-centered help for Canvas and other tools you may be asked to use while taking online classes.

Communication options

Canvas "Announcements"  Canvas LMS Logo 

R-MC Outlook Email                                                              

Access course readings and documents.

Upload your assignments, documents, and files.

Canvas "Modules," "Pages," and "FilesCanvas LMS Logo     


Google Drive      

R-MC Outlook Email     

Help with assignments in Canvas.

Canvas "Assignments"   Canvas LMS Logo 

R-MC Outlook Email   

How to take part in live class sessions and virtual office hours


Test your Zoom Connection

MS Teams  

Canvas "Chat" (text only) Canvas LMS Logo

If you're asked to demonstrate something you've
done on your computer.

PowerPoint: voice-over-slides 

QuickTime Player (Mac): Screencast

Zoom Screencast   


When you're asked to take part in live class discussions


Canvas "Discussions" and "Chat"    Canvas LMS Logo  

How to access your grades

Canvas "Grades"   Canvas LMS Logo

R-MC Outlook Email    

Checklist for Succeeding at Distance Learning

When preparing to participate in distance learning, especially in the event of an emergency, there are a few things to consider:

  • There is a lot of support available to you. Have a question or can't get something to work? Ask Us!
  • Your distance learning experience will be different from your face-to-face learning experience.
  • You will need to be flexible, as things will change and may not always go smoothly as students, faculty, and staff adjust to the changes.
  • Your professor will develop a plan for communicating with you, either through Canvas or through email.