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Basics of Library Research
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Introduction to the library's website

This video will introduce you to the McGraw-Page Library website and how to find help with your research.

Library website screenshot

Brainstorming/Mindmapping a topic

Coming up with an idea for a research topic can be hard. This video will help you brainstorm a topic with just the minimum information to start!

mind mapping image

Searching in a database

Once you have your research topic, you may be asked to use articles - this video will show you how to use our library databases to find journal articles.

database screenshot

Searching in our catalog

You may be asked to use books or media for your project. This video will show you how to search in the library's catalog for books.

library website screenshot

Working with database results

Once you have your search underway in the library database, you'll be presented with a lot of information. This video will help you navigate through all the results.

database screenshot

Better searching with Google

Google is always there, but how you use it may not be helpful. This video will share tips and tricks on how to search in Google to get better search results.

google screenshot

Academic Integrity (CREDO)

This video will introduce you to plagiarism and ethical behavior, and the idea that acting with academic integrity stems from an understanding that information has value, and appreciating scholarship as an academic conversation.

a slide of the Academic Integrity tutorial video

Plagiarism (CREDO)

This video will discuss the different types of plagiarism and how to avoid it in your own writing.

Copyright (CREDO)

This tutorial will introduce intellectual property, copyright, and creative commons to help you learn how to how to legally incorporate the work of others into your own research.

a thumbnail for a video that uses an image of the copyright symbol with the word "Copyright" beneath.