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Pedagogy lightbulb icon Learning Design and Technology for Teaching

We provide Canvas and instructional technology training prior to the beginning of each semester. Faculty are always welcome to contact the Head of Instructional Design to discuss Canvas LMS and other instructional design and technology questions. Access our CanvasLMS at; use your RMC email and password to sign in.

We invite you to visit two resources:

We not only provide support on how to use and troubleshoot instructional technology systems, but also how they can be incorporated into course design to enhance learning and student engagement. The Head of Instructional Design & Technology consults with faculty on strategies and practices related to active learning, student collaboration, and assessment of learning. Faculty receive assistance in assignment design and exploring diverse ways for students to learn and demonstrate academic progress.

We have created the Teaching Toolkit website for faculty, which includes tutorials on technology tools by function and by pedagogical goal, a searchable FAQ database, and current books and articles on teaching and learning.

We would like to invite faculty to consider using Digital Storytelling to enhance student learning and engagement.



Contact: Lily Zhang, Head of Instructional Design & Technology



Sample books:

Book cover: Small Teaching Online
Book cover: Geeky pedagogy: A guide for intellectuals, introverts, and nerds who want to be effective teachers
Book cover: The Blended Course Design Workbook
Book cover: Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology
Book cover: Teaching at Its Best
Book cover: Flipped Learning
Book cover: Better Feedback for Better Teaching
cover art - Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone
cover art - How Humans Learn
cover art - Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning
cover art - Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
cover of syllabus book
cover art - The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion