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AI in Teaching and Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI), increasingly embedded in the technologies we use, can provides powerful support for educators and student learning, but it also increases risks. We intend to provide up-to-date resources to assist RMC faculty and students in learning about Generative AI and using it.



AI Literacy


AI Tools

We caution that information uploaded or entered by the user to the AI system may not be protected. Therefore it is extremely important that the user does not provide confidential or private text, data, images or media while using AI tools; the user must also observe the copyright law. In addition, it is often unclear what data the AI models are trained on. The results generated by AI may be biased, inaccurate or made-up. Users are strongly encouraged to verify the output; please refer to the "AI Literacy" section on this page.


 Text Generation

 Image Generation



Contact: Lily Zhang