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What is X.R.?


X.R. (or eXtended Reality) is an umbrella-term that encompasses Virtual Reality (V.R.), Augmented Reality (A.R.) and Mixed Reality (M.R.).

  • The Makerspace at RMC have several V.R. and A.R. equipment available. We possess a library of over 100 experiences, both for educational and entertainment purposes.
  • The Makerspace also possesses a V.R. Room, where the HTC Vive is housed. The room has 30 square feet of playable area for VR.
  • You can also check out a Meta Quest 2 from the Makerspace to use VR in your own location.
    • Any patron wanting to check out the Meta Quest 2 must undergo training by the Makerspace staff.
  • The Makerspace also has a computer station capable of running game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, which are commonly used to create XR experiences.


Faculty wanting to use X.R. for class assignments should look at the Digital Projects page.

X.R. Equipment Available at the Makerspace


Equipment Available Equipment X.R. Field
HTC Vive Headset V.R.
Meta Quest 2

V.R. / M.R. (Can be checked out)

Merge Cube A.R.