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What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional object layer by layer utilizing a digital file.

3D Printing Submission Form

3D Printing can be used for several purposes: creating 3D objects for everyday life, like phone holders, storage containers, small decorations, etc. Your limit is what you can imagine and find.


1. Finding 3D Prints

For examples of 3D Printed objects that you can download for free, you can look up websites like or Use the search bar to look up topics that interest you. (e.g. plant pots, cat modelwall decorations)


2. Slicing

After you have selected and downloaded your 3D object, you have to use the appropriate software to slice it. Slicing the 3D object is necessary so that the 3D print can print it out. You should use free software like Ultimaker CURA for that; just download it on your personal laptop or use it on the Makerspace computer. If you need help using CURA, talk to the Makerspace staff.


3. Printing

After downloading and slicing your object, fill out the 3D Printing Submission Form and submit your file.

At the McGraw-Page Library's Makerspace, we mainly use a thermoplastic called Polylactic Acid (PLA) to produce our 3D Prints. 


Four 3D prints lined up against a white table and a yellow background.



About PLA


PLA is degradable and derived from renewable organic sources, making it an optimal choice for prototyping.





3D Printing Pricing

3D Printing in the Makerspace is priced due to cost of material and maintenance of the printers.

$5 / hour of printing