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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

Opening Procedures

Weekday Opening

1. Turn on the Information Desk computer; sign in with the password (check black binder for password).

  • Log in to WMS.
  • Log in to PaperCut.
  • Open library website.

2. If the 24/7 Door is closed:

  • Use the key (located under the Information Desk) to turn the lock on the wall next to the doors.
  • Open the doors (they should magnetically hold open in place when fully open).
  • Place the key back under the Information Desk

3. Check printers and add paper if necessary. 

3. Change the due date stamp (move it forward) by one day:

  • Student BOOK stamp should read 4 weeks (28 days) from today.
  • Honors Student BOOK stamp should read 8 weeks from today.
  • Faculty BOOK stamp should read the end of the semester.
  • DVD stamp should read 3 days from today.

4. Check the book shoots (under Information Desk and beside alarm panels) for returns and process them.

5. Check the Holds on the Pull List located under Reports tab in WMS Circulation. Process holds.

Weekend Opening:

1. Meet Campus Safety at the library 15 minutes before scheduled opening time.

2.  If Campus Safety is not there 15 minutes before the library is scheduled to open, call them (x4710) and ask them to come unlock the library.

TROUBLESHOOTING:  If the doors still haven’t been unlocked and you don’t see a Campus Safety officer by 5 minutes to opening, call them again. If they still haven't responded, call Campus Safety again at the time the library is supposed to open.

3. On the light panel behind the Circulation Desk, turn on the two main switches labeled “Upstairs” and “Downstairs.

4. Proceed with regular opening duties listed above.